10 google adsense alternative that will help you monitize

There are several ways to make money using your blog. You can earn via sponsored post, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks or by showing ads on your blog. Everybody knows Google adsense is the most known way to make money with ads using your blog. But getting that approval for Google is not easy. Maintaining your Google Adsense account and prevent it from getting disable is not easy as well. But if your one of the unfortunate blogger who don’t own a Google adsense, making money with your blog would be difficult.

So here is a list of Google adsense alternative that you could use to make money with your blog.


You can monitize your blog with Viglink either with their ad network or by affiliate marketing. The great thing about Viglink is that you don’t have to apply for a lot of affiliate marketing to make money. You can simply browse through their list of affiliates to be able to promote products. This is a great Google adsense alternative.

Payment is by Paypal with a threshold of $10.00

Click here to join Viglink


Earning money using ads has never been easier. If you are using wordpress, you just need to download the infolink plugin, do some easy app setting and start earning money. If you have high website traffic, you will be earning money in no time.

They have been in business in years and is a legitimate means of monitize your blog.

Click here to join Infolinks


Chitika has been in business is pretty legit. I joined Chitika around the time when Infolinks. Getting approved is pretty approve is easy. A great thing about Chitika is that you can use their ads along with Google Adsense. I have made money with this ad network.

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This is on top of list of Google adsense alternative.

Payment is by Paypal with a minimum of 10 USD and by check for a minimum of 50 USD.

Click here to join Chitika

Propeller ads

You can either have paymenta via paypal or payoneer for a minimum amount of $25.

You can either use Popunder, Native Direct Ads, Interstitial mobile ad, Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile, Banner advertising for all standard size, Push notification ads.

Propeller is one of the most trusted ad network.

Click here to join Propeller Ads


If you are looking for the most similar ad network to adsense, don’t look any further. Media.net is the adsense equivalent of Yahoo and bing. They have tons of affiliated companies who are advertising on their network.

If you did not get approved with adsense or get your account disabled, then this is a good alternative.

You can recieve payment by wire transfer or Paypal. Minimum amount for payment is $100 though.

Click here to join Media.net


Mediavine is a great way to make money with your blog and one of the best Google Adsense alternative. You can make tons of money with Mediavine however getting approve is really hard. You would need consistent high traffic to get approve. To be exact you need at least 25000 monthly impression to get approve. But once you get approve, you,ll make money in no time.

Click here to join Mediavine


This ad network is always on the top 10 adsense alternative. You can choose different ad format like popunder, banner, direct links and a lot more.

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You can recieve payment by wire, bitcoin, paxum, paypal, webmoney, epayments and other modes of payment. Minimum amount for payment is $15 though

Click here to join Adsterra

Buy Sell Ads

Buy sell ads iss different from other networks because they would pay by selling direct ads in your blog.

Approval is difficult though. You need a minimum of 50k impression to get approved with Buy Sell Ads. But the rewards is awesome.

Minimum payment for pay is $25 for paypal and $50 for check and $500for wire transfer.

Click here to join Buysellads


Skimlinks is similar to Viglink. You can convert your outbound link to affiliate links. This works well if you have high traffic going to your blog. You make money when people buy things using your affiliate link.

You can make payment for as low as $10. You can either get payment via paypal or direct transfer with your bank if you live in UK and US. If you living outside the UK and the US you will get payment via paypal.

Click this link to join Simlinks


Bidvertiser is a goof montizing tool for blogs with low blog traffic. This ad network pays better than Google Adsense and one of the best adsense alternative out there.

You cam use different ad formats with Bidvertiser using text ads, banner and other formats.

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