Book review: I am number four

In 2011, I saw this movie called I am number four. I thought the movie was great. Then I found out that there is a whole book series called Lorien Legacy about the movie. I had to check it out but didn’t have the time to read the book. 8fter so many years, I time for myself and started away. The book is 88 than the movie as I have expected. 78887787888878 much better. Here is my book review about I am number four.

The Plot

In a distant planet called Lorien, 9 Garde and 9 Cepan travel to Earth to hide from the ruthless race from the planet of Mogadore. The Loric has been caught unprepared and was easily defeated by the Mogadirians.

The fate of the Loric people lies on the hands of 9 Garde, powerful beings that has different powers that will one day challenge the might of Mogadore. There is only one problem, the Garde’s powers are not yet developed and their safety lies in the hands of their Cepan. The Cepan are task to keep them safe, teach them ways of the Loric people and harnest their gifts so that one day they can defeat the Mogadorians and rebuild their planet.

On Earth they discover that they are pursued by the Mogadorians. They are being killed off one by one and so far Number 1 to 3 are dead. A charm protects the Garde. They can not be killed out of order unless the Garde’s come together. When that happens they charm is broken. Now 4’s number is up. Number four is now called John Smith. His Cepan Henri has been patiently waiting for his powers, also known as Legacies, to emerge. Time is running out for John and Henri who are next on the list.

They hide in a small town of Ohio called Paradise. John meets Sam Goode, an eccentric teenagerwho believes in Aliens. John then meets a human named Sarah and falls in love. The Loric are a monagamous race and John risk their safety just to stay in Paradise to be with her. They settle in and John’s first Legacy emerges.

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Henri expects for John’s other’s legacy to develop soon after. But something is holding him back. Henri gies impatient and starts to worry. Not until Henri goes missing that John’s second legacy appears.

Soon after the Mogadorians catches up to John and Henri. With John’s powers not yet fully develop, they don’t stand a chance of surviving. John gets cornered in school while trying to save Sarah. And then an ally appears unexpectedly. Number six, legacies much developed than John’s, appears and help them defeat their enemies. But it comes with a price. Now their protection charm is broken and Henri dies while fighting the Mogadorians.

John, Six and Sam leaves Paradise Ohio to escape the pursuing Mogadorians.

Book Review

So here it goes. It is very rare that a movie adaptation lives up to the Book that they are based on. So far there has only been a few movies that come in mind. But if you are going to ask me if the movie is bad, I wouldn’t say it is. Off course the book is way better. It must have been the movie’s budget why the book is so different from the movie. The actor playing characters in the movie is a great fit. Although they left out a lot of things in the book, the story was almost the same.

Here are 8 differences of I am number four movie and the book.

1. The movie doesn’t show any scene from the battle in Lorien. The scene in the book tells us how powerful some of the Garde’s are. They showcase different powers such as invisibility, lightning and other awesome powers. It wasn’t shown in the movie.

2. In the movie It was number Six who is fireproof. It seems that six has the ability to create a field that can protect her from fire. But it in the book it is John who is fireproof.

3. In the movie Six seem to have the ability to Phase. But in the book it is invincibility.

4. In the movie they didn’t show Six’s ability to manipulate elements and create storms.

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5. I don’t what that blue stone is for. It is suppose to track the other Gardes. It wasn’t in the book. Since I am just halfway through reading the Power of Six book maybe it is suppose to be the thing that Sam, Six and John is going to go back to Paradise for.

6. Henri dies in the school fighting with John, Sam and Six. In the movie he didn’t meet Six and died while escaping the house of the writers of the Alien Publication They walk among us.

7. The Mogadorian beast called Piken where much bigger in the book. There around 40 feet and Six had to use her ability to create storms to beat it.

8. They had a hard time defeating the Mogadorian in the book. They were injured so bad in the book that you thought they have a snowball chance in hell of winning. It seems hopeless in the book. In the movie they were barely injured.

The book starts of slow as John starts to discover his legacies. It is frustrating at first just like how John is frustrated and impatient for his legacy to emerge. But overall you will be satisfied and won’t be able to stop reading the book. I have read the whole book im 2 days. I have just finish reading Power of six (book 2) and Rise of nine (book 3) in less than a week. I am already in chapter 10 with the fall of five (book 4) as I write this post but haven’t written my review for the two books. Hopefully I’ll get to write the review in the next few days.

Here is the Lorien Legacy book order

1. I am number Four

2. Power of Six

3. Rise of Nine

4. Fall of Five

5. Revenge of Seven

6. Fate of Ten

7. United as one

But all together, I am number four movie is good. But the book is better. If you are into fantasy novels, then this a good book to read. There a total of seven books in the in the Lorien Legacy series written by Pittacus Lore. So if you just like me who loves reading series, the is a good book recommendation.

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Reading books take a lot of time but I can say that it is time well spent. It enhances a person’s imagination. And this is way better than watching a movie or a tv show. I love watching but isn’t as productive as reading a book.

If you have a kid, I recommend that you get them hooked with reading. Here us my tips to get them started with books. It is advisable to get them insterested with books. Here is my list if recommended book series for kids. I am half way through with Power of six. I can’t wait to start with Rise of Nine. I hope to finish them in a month’s time. Hopefully I get a lot of free time


Some people will find the Phase slow during the first few chapters of the book. I certainly found it boring up to the part when John finally develop his Telekenesis. Some might find it dragging to read about John’s love. But I promise you that the Phase will pick up significantly by the end of the book.

I have read the Power of Six, and so far the second book is better as they are introducing more new Gardes on the story.

What are your thoughts?

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