Book review: Power of Six

Power of Six is the second out of seven books in the Lorien Legacies series written by Pittacus Lore. The book starts after the events of I am number four. Check out my book review.


John, Six and Sam leaves the town of Paradise Ohio after the events in the first book of I am number four. Days after the Henri’s death, John finally reads the letter written for him by his Cepan. They learn that coming to Paradise was not a coincidence and Henri is looking for Sam’s father, Malcolm. Malcolm was one of the human who help the Lorics when they first arrive in Earth giving them instructions and supplies to start their new life in the Planet and might have a way of locating the other Garde.

Later they discover the location of another Garde. Marina (seven) is living in Spain with her Cepan Adelina. Unlike Henri, Adelina has forgotten about their mission on Earth and neglected her Cepan responsibility of training Marina.

Seven decides to go to Spain to find Marina while John and Sam decides to go a Mog base in West Virginia to retrieve his chest which was lost earlier in the story.

They meet new allies along the way. As they come together, they become stronger and closer to defeating the Mogadorians.

Book review

I don’t want to spoil the book so I kept the Plot short. The Power of Six is much more exciting the first book. I personally found some of the parts in I am number four a bit dragging. It gets exciting when the Mogadorians finally catches up them in the School but the first part reminded me of Twilight.

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In the Power of Six, we are introduced to a lot of new characters. We know from the start that Seven exist. But eventually John will meet another Garde in West Virginia. Six would not only meet Marina but she will also meet another person that will help them with their fight against the Mogadorians. Sorry I don’t want to spoil you to much.

If I am number four is about hiding and surviving, Power of Six is about taking the fight to Mogadorians. There are so many revelations that will keep you reading until the last page. I am number four is mostly about John. His love life, his friendship with Sam, his relationship with Henri. The John is the Narrator of the whole book. While Power of Six is narrated characters aside from John.


Would I recommend Power of Six to others? Yes I would. It is a good read. You really won’t need a dictionary handy when reading the book. You can also recommend it to your kids.

I have been reading the Lorien Legacies for the last week and half and I am currently on Book 6 The Fate of Ten. I can’t stop reading. I pretty sure you won’t stop reading it as well if you are into fantasy genre type of books.

It is exciting and would keep you guessing. While reading the book, I keep on asking myself if any other Garde would die. We know that number 1 to 3 are dead. Would it really make a lot of difference if another numbeer is crossed of? I mean would they build a character up just to kill them off. I guess you have to blame Game of thrones writer George Martin for setting the trend of killing off the Protagonist of the story. But wait a minute, which book was written first? Anyway who cares right? Now you must be wondering if a Garde will meet his end on the book? You might want to check the book out.

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Unfortunately they didn’t make a movie based on Power of Six. I don’t know if the first movie was a flop. I wish they could have made it though. It would have been a great movie sequel.

Here is the Lorien Legacy book order

1. I am number Four

2. Power of Six

3. Rise of Nine

4. Fall of Five

5. Revenge of Seven

6. Fate of Ten

7. United as one

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