Book Review: The Rise of Nine

The rise of Nine is the third out of seven books in the Lorien Legacies series written by Pittacus Lore. Check out my book review.

The Plot

Six, Marina, Ella and Crayton travels to India in search of another possible Garde. While John and Nine travels to Chicago to a penthouse that Nine and Sandor has been living in for years to train and plan their next move.

Eventually Six and her companions meet number Eight. Eight has been disguising himself as a Hindu Diety. They end up in a cave with a pictures drawn inside a cave. They seem to be prophecies and in one of them, eight dies.

The Mogadorians (Mogs) catches up to them and their only way of escaping is to use Eight’s teleportation legacy. With the help of huge Loralite, they can teleport long distance. They hope to teleport to another Loralite located in New Mexico. Their plans goes array when Six was separated and got transported to New Mexico while the rest was transported to Stonehedge.

Six was eventually captured by Mogs and the group of humans who are cooperating with Mogs (Mogpro). She learn that some humans are in league with the mogs in exchange for their technology. Six is imprisoned along with Sarah.

Eventually John and Nine decides to go to New Mexico and meets Eight, Marina and Ella .

Together they plan to infiltrate the base and save Six. But their plans are foiled by the leader of the Mogadorian Sekratus Ra. To make things worse, he poses legacies as well. Eventually the Gardes got the upper hand and barely escapes.

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They learned that they are not as strong as they expected. They are in desperate need of finding the last Garde Five in the hopes that he will help them defeat their enemies the Mogadorian and go back to their planet Lorien.

Book Review

The book is great. There are so much revelation that will make it really difficult for you to put down tge book and stop reading.

Just when they thought that everything will be easier now that are united, they learn learn that Sekratus Ra has legacies as well. It opens a lot more questions and I bet you won’t be able to resist the urge to read the next book just like I did. By the way I spent two weeks sleep deprave just to finish the book quickly.


I would recommend the Rise of Nine. It is highly entertaining and full of surprises. It ia easy to read as the book is not that long and the vocabulary is not the complex. You won’t need a dictionary to read this one.

You could recommend to kids as well as this is not that violent. Although the next few books are more violent but it is still readable.

Here is the Lorien Legacy book order

1. I am number Four

2. Power of Six

3. Rise of Nine

4. Fall of Five

5. Revenge of Seven

6. Fate of Ten

7. United as one

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