High paying Jobs that would pay a minumum of 60k per month

With the high cost of living and the increasing inflation rate, it would be difficult to land a job that would pay for your expenses and have something left on the side. That being said, a prospective applicant would need the right skillset to land the the desired job. Here is a list of high paying jobs in the Philippines that would help you earn Php 60,000 per month.

Career in the BPO industry

There a lot of Filipinos who are not open to the idea working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). But BPO companies pays better than local companies. That is true for most cases. There are a lot of high paying jobs in the BPO industry that could help pay your rent, your expenses and you would even have a little money to invest.

Before we got the list of high paying jobs in the BPO, let’s discuss the different roles people can apply for.


Operations – This is the team tasked to work on the cases (non-voice agents) or take in calls (voice agents).

There are a lot types of that industry that they support such as tech support, banking, travel and medical.

An agent can be promoted to the positiion of SME or process expert. A SME is next in line to be a team Leader.

Operations is the frontline and they are money makers for a BPO company.

Now lets talk about the Support team and their specific roles.

Workforce management

This team deals mostly on reports, forecasting, scheduling and staffing. They ensure that there are enough manpower available to handle the volume of the expected calls or number of cases.

Since the team deals with reporting, you would learn a lot about MS excel. Another great thing about being part of Workforce team is that they get better pay compared to people in operations.

Quality Assurance Team

The Quality team deals with the review of cases processed by agents or the calls handled. They inform the operation team of errora incurred by agents and suggest action plan to prevent error s from occuring again.

A quality analyst gets better pay compared to an agent.

Training team

All company has a training team which focuses on personal development of agents, team leaders and Managers.

Again it is obvious that they get better pay than agents.


This deals with software and hardware issuea of your computer. They also deal with network connection issues and aystem downtime.

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The entry level of a fresh graduate would be the operations team. They can apply for the position in Workforce, Quality, and Training team.

Here are some of the high paying jobs that I am talking about.

Multilingual Agent

Normally an agent would get lower pay compared to employees under the support team. But these are exemption since yhey have a skillset not common to most Filipinos. An applicant who knows a language aside from English and Filipino has a high chance of landing a job that pays well. Add another skillset such as IT Skills and skills in accountancy, data analyst just to a few, increases your asking salary. There are company who offer a starting rate of 50k but majority would start with 60k Here are some of the job vacancies listed in one of the leading online Job Market in the Philippines Jobstreet.

Mandarin speaking Data Analyst

Being able to speak mandarin already pays well but add data analyst to your skillset and that is a whole new ball game. You can earn at least 60k to 80k with this type of job.

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Spanish Bilingual Tech Support

Spanish speakers are also on list of skilled applicants BPO companies are looking for. Adding a tech support skill to mix is a big plus. Tech support skillset already pays well. Add that to bilingual skill and we are talking big earning.

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Workforce assiocate manager

Workforce management deals with making performance report, capacity planning, staffing and scheduling and real monitoring of the day to day operation.

This managerial role and you are to manage analyst who are task to do workforce management roles.

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Quality assiocate manager

The quality assiocuate managee is tasked to manage quality analyst and provide quality data to the operations team.

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You would not find freelancing job in jobstreet. You have to go to a different sites for that. Let me save you the hussle and check out my long list of legit work from home opportunties. These are tried and tested sites and a lot of Filipinos left the 8 to 5 job for Freelancing.

The number of Filipinos looking for work in the their PJs is increasing every year. This type of jobs were not available 10 years ago. But today Freelancing has gone mainstream and more and more Filipinos are eager to join the industry that would not only help them escape the daily commute, difficult bosses and workplace politics but it would also help them earn in

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The great thing about freelancing is that you don’t need a fancy diploma to apply for freelancing job. You just need to be patient, eager to learn and have a strong drive to succeed.

What are the jobs that you can do with free freelancing? There are many types of you can do. Here are some

  • Virtual assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Transciber
  • Online tutor
  • Website tester
  • Voice Narrator
  • Data entry

Here is the complete list of legit work from home opportunties


A lot of people would argue that blogging is not a real job. That maybe true for some but there loads of people who earn 5 digit figures with blogging. Oh did I tell you that the figures are in dollars. That’s right!

But blogging is different with freelancing in the sense that you don’t earn 5 digits overnight. Hell earning your first $100 is not that simple. You need to invest your time, effort and brain cells.

You need to learn a lot of things before you start earning passive income. I will not be talking about how to choose a niche, drive traffic and start monitizing. I have another post about all the things you need to know about blogging.Check out my no BS blog guide for Beginners.

How do you actually earn from blogging? There are a lot of ways to do that. You can earn using ads, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, selling courses or via sponsored post.

How much would you actually earn? That differs on your traffic and what is your niche. Off course it would take time before you start earning but it would worth it once you have established your blog.

Can a Filipino really succeed in a blogging? Oh yes! That is really possible. The best example that I could think of is a Abe Olandres. He started Yugatech, one of the most trusted tech blogs in the Philippines. In one of his interview with Jessica Sojo’s KMJS, he mentioned that he was earning at least 250k per month. That was years ago. I am pretty sure he earns more than that now.


Vlogging is somehow similar to blogging. But instead of writing for Blogs, you earn money by creating videos for Vlogging. Although for vlogging you would need to gain subscribers through your youtube channel before you start earning. Although one advantage of Vlogging is that a visitor is easily attracted to video and are more likely to watch it.

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Succeeding in vlogging is more difficult than Blogging. You have to always have fresh content on regular basis. The top Vloggers in Youtube makes a video a day. Making a video is not an easy task. You have to edit it first and write awesome content before you upload it.

This year, a lot of Vloggers have taken a time off. Mainly to take care of mental and physical health.

The more viral your videos get, the higher the earnings. So how does a vlogger earn money with their Vlog? There are a couple of ways. You can earn using ads and affiliate marketing. If your videos goes viral itvwould be easier to promote products with affiliate links.


There is no real quick rich scheme. Every one has to work hard whether they choose a corporate career or a work from home employment. The advantage of working in the traditional office setup is that you have a stable income. The problem is your income would be limited to what your monthly salary. Even if you work overtime, you would only get a small additional income.

For work from home job, your potential income is high but your income is not consistent. You have to keep on working hard. But once you are earning passively, you will have more free time for yourself. Freelancing, blogging and vlogging are definitely a high paying job but you have to work really hard to achieve success.

What are your thoughts?

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