How to boost your traffic consistently without hurting your wallet

Getting traffic to your blog is easier said than done. With all the courses (paid courses if I may add) out there on the net that promise to increase your traffic, how would you distinguished if it is a worthy investment? So how are you suppose to increase your traffic without spending money?

I have been struggling to get people click my link and visit my blog. I think a lot of new bloggera feels the same frustrations that I have been feeling with their traffic.

But for the last six months month I have been steadily increasing my traffic. Before that I am lucky to get even 500 page views per month.

Starting May 2018, my traffic has reached more than 750 page views. Before that I barely reached 400. If you can see the picture above, my traffic has been consistently improving. So what did I do? Did I pay for traffic. I am proud to say that has been increasing without paying a single dime.

So am I bragging? Not by a long shot. I don’t have the right to brag as my page view has not been as high as I would want. My goal is to consistently get more than 25000 page view per month. This is still a long way off. And I hope that I could get more than 5000 page view next month.

So what have I been doing differently? Here are some of the things that I have been doing.

Improving my previous post

Go back to your old post. Check out what post are doing well and make some modifications. Rewrite it if you could. It will go a long way. Here are things that you have to keep in mind

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If you haven’t been paying attention to SEO before, then it is time you focus on the keywords that you are using in your post. Using a keyword planner. Get the most searched keyword about your topic and insert it to your post. If you are using wordpress, there is an indicator whether your post has Good SEO rating (green), OK rating (orange) or needs improvement (red). Make sure that it is always green. If your post has an OK rating, check the focus keyword, tags and always add a picture.


Revisit your picture, Make sure that they are attractive. And always make sure to add a decent picture name and description. Why? It would be easier for Google to index your photo if it has a specific file name instead of a file number.

When necessary, create another blog post. That way you can link it to your Pinterest account. This would go a long way.


Actively pin on a daily basis. Make sure that you pin at least 40 pins per day. That way your pinterest juice will flow to your website. Just make sure that your Pinterest is link to your site and link to every post that you make.

Join group boards and make sure that you add Pins to them. You can check to ensure you get relevant group for your niche.

Remember my tip about modifying your pictures? This could help you add your content to group boards. Remember a good picture attracts a lot of readers.

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This is similar to group boards. There are a lot of Facebook that can help you boost your traffic. Just make sure you stay active. There are groups where you can post a link to your latest blog post in exchange for visiting other people who have added your link. Just don’t be a douche and just leave a link to your post without visiting other links.

To get a list of Facebook group and Pinterest group boards you can click on the list from my previous post.


There are so many ways to increase traffic online. You can even pay facebook ads to drive traffic to your accounts. But for those who are just starting out and can afford to shell out money, it is always advisable to grow your traffic organically.

Spend more time and effort when creating your post. Be mindful of how you write your post. Make sure they are quality post. I have written a post about legitimate work at home opportunity that is a big hit. Right now there has been more than 1700 views so far and still counting. It took me just a few minutes to create the post but have been improving it overtime.

Focus on one or two social media accounts at a time. You might be tempted to share your post to multiple social media accounts at the same time but it would be advisable to just focus on a few only.

If you notice my traffic hasn’t reached 1500 monthly page view. That is because I haven’t been writing a lot of post. I was contented after getting 1000 page view last May 2018. Stay Hungry. Stick to what has been working for you in the previous month and keep on improving.

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