Blog content, blog post image and blog promotion: How to make great blog post and attract more views

Have you been writing post after post trying to get people to your blog? Have you been spending a crazy amount of time writing about a topic but no one is reading them? Are you stuck and wonder what is wrong? Why wouldn’t anyone read your post? Here are ways how to make a great blog post.

There are so many blogs out there and everyday a lot of new blog is being created. With so many blogs ou there, how would you stand out? How would you catch someone attention long enough for them to click on your link and start reading? If you want to write about how to make money online, there must be thousand of post written by other bloggers about the topic. How would you make people read your post instead of theirs.

What to know how to create an awesome post and attract more viewers? Here is how.

1. Blog Content

You must have read a lot of post about on how important content is. There is a lot of truth about it. It doesn’t matter if you have so many post in your blog if you that make them awesome. You have to ask yourself this questions before writing a post to ensure you get a lot of views for your post.

Are there people actually searching for your topic?

This is pretty straight forward. But is it really that simple? Ok how do you really make sure that there people are looking for it?

You can use a keyword planner tool from google. This is free of charge and you can get the most searched keyword for a certain topic. Since this is own by Google, the keyword search is based in the search made on

You can also search using Pinterest. Did you know that you can actually use Pinterest as a search engine. If there a lot of pin about your topic, that simply means it is being searched a lot. The same applies with youtube. If there a lot of video about your topic that means it is being searched by a lot of people. You can use it as search engine as well.

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Is your blog post useful?

You need to ask yourself if the post that you are writing would be beneficial to anyone. If you are writing about something that would add value to your reader, that’s a got way to start. Sure you can write about something that is catchy. You can lure them in. But if they don’t find any value in your post, they would end up not reading it and they would end up not visiting your blog again. The key thing that you always have to remember is retaining your loyal readers. That will ensure they would come back for more and tell their friends about your blog.have to think like your reader.

Am I thinking about the reader?

Again the point of writing post is for your reader. It is not about writing a post for the sake of writing a post. It is not quantity over quality. So think of it this way. If you are someone who is looking for a legit work from home opportunities, what information would you need? You need answers to what sites that offers work from home opportunities right? You would need tips on how to become a work ay home person. You wouldn’t want to read about a post describing the types of work from home opportunities. You want the juicy details. You don’t want to spend time reading a post that doesn’t give you the information that you are looking for. Again put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Give them want they want.

How long should my post be?

I have seen this question in a lot of Facebook groups. How long should my post be? Is a 500 word blog post long enough or is it too short?

Actually I think the longer the better. There is a chance that a reader will stay longer in your article if you write long post. That would be good for your SEO. Google loves it if you reader stays on your blog longer.

2. Blog post image

A good image can attract a lot of readers. People are drawn to pictures first instead of words. You have make sure that your blog post image is catchy. This is important especially if your blog is linked to your social media account like Pinterest and Facebook. A good picture will make a visitor a reader. And a loyal reader will make a follower of your blog.

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There are several tools out that can help make awesome blog post image.


You can’t just grab any photo on the internet and use it as your own. That is a copyright violation. Instead you would need to get royalty free photos.

Beside photos found in google are moatly of low quality. When you copy them they are normally pixelized. When you use an image that has a low size (I’m talking about KB or MB), the image would become blurry.
Check out the 21 website that offers royalty free photos from a site called Snappa by clicking this link.

Photo Editor

There are a lot of photo editors out there. I have tried Picmonkey at first for my smartphone. But it has a lot of limitations. I was using Canva on my desktop PC when editing my blog photo. But since I write blog post using my smartphone, I was looking for an alternative. They didn’t have a smartphone version at first but I am glad that they eventually made one. Here are type of photo editing that you could use for Canva.

  • Instagram post
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook cover
  • Square social media media graphics
  • Photo collage
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Invitation
  • Card
  • Twitter post
  • Twitter header
  • Blog banner
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Youtube channel art
  • Your story
  • Pinterest graphic
  • Cd cover
  • Book cover

You can download the android version of Canva here from google play.

It is important to add a decription on your images to improve your SEO. This will ensure that images get search by google or other search engine.

3. Blog post promotion

You have your content and a killer blog post image. Now what? It is time let people that you have written this awesome post about a topic they have been searching for. But how do you do that exaclty?

I mention SEO earlier. That means you have to use specific keywords (keywords that people are searching for) so that you post while rank high in the search engine. So if your topic is about how to lose weight in 30 days, you have to use certain keywords related to the topic so that google will your post high.

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There are other means off course. You can pay for ads. You can use facebook ads since there are million of Facebook users. Off course you would have to pay for it and if you do it right, you will get a lot of traffic to your post.

If you are new and don’t want to spend money, there are others means in promoting your blog. You can use Facebook and Pinterest for free traffic. How do you ask? You join groups. For Facebook you can join Facebook group and for Pinterest they are called Pinterest group boads. If you want to get a list of groups my post on how to increase your website traffic without spending money

Closing note

A great post can significantly drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Sometimes we tend to write post without giving much thought about the content. We want to write post after post just to add to the post count. But that should be the case. We have to do a lot of research so that our efforts will not be for nothing. We have to akways think of what our readers what and not what we want to write. There has to be a purpose for each post. What are your thoughts?

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