Movie review: Seven Sundays

I don’t really watch a lot Filipino movies. But Seven Sundays is a great movie that I recommend people to watch.

Seven Sundays is about the story of Manuel Bonifacio (Ronaldo Valdez) and his four children: Allan (Aga Muhlach), Bryan (Dingdong Dantes), Cha (Christine Reyes) and Dexter (Enrique Gil). On his 69th birthday, all Manuel wanted is to be with his children. Unfortunately all of them were too busy to visit him. Just before his birthday ended, Manuel was told by his doctor that he has lung cancer and has only a few weeks to live. The story revolves around the seven sundays he has left to spend with his children. Because of the news, the four siblings set aside their differences to make their father’s remaining days meaningful and happy.

The movie shows the reality that parents have to go through when their children has their own lives and find little time for their parents. In the movie, Allan has been struggling with keeping the store that his parents built afloat. Because of his pride, he refuses to ask help from his financially well-off brother Bryan. Bryan has been keeping the fact that he has a son that he had to give up because he was not ready to raise him. Cha is plague with her husband’s infidelity. Not wanting to let her children grow up without a father, she chooses to suffer in silence and refuses to tell her family. Dexter on the other hand has own problem when an event that he was promoting turn out to be bogus and was being blamed and the customers decided to sue him.

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I can relate with the movie in so many ways. I admit that sometimes I find it difficult to find time for my parents as they live far from my family and would require me to commute for a couple of hours. There were also time, when my spouse and I had gotten to an argument and our child had to hear us fighting. As much as we wanted not to let her hear us argue, sometimes it gets out of hand. Off there are sibling rivalry. Being the 2nd child out of four siblings, I have had some sort of middle child syndrome.

The difficult thing to do sometimes is to ask help from your siblings during time of financial hardship. It isn’t that we weren’t close when we were growing up but there are times when siblings grew apart as they grow older. There are time when a person that he is not being given the same amount of time and care compared to his siblings. I think that is true in every family. At one point we have felt this and as we grow older it affects us emotionally and phsychologically.

Seven Sundays is all about forgiveness and that blood is always thicker than water. In the end, it is the family that you could really on.

Like I mentioned at the start of the post, I don’t really watch Filipino movies. But Seven Sundays really hits the spot. It is a combination of comedy and drama which would make you laugh in some part and would also make you cry like a baby on some scenes. This a great movie to watch with the family. Speaking of other great movies to watch with your family, check out this post that I wrote about movies you could watch with your dad.

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