No BS guide on how to create and monetize your blog.

A lot of people are getting into blogging with the hope of making a full time income from it and eventually leave their 9 to 5 job. Unfortunately not everyone would be able to achieve their dream. There are so many blogs out there and everyday a lot more are being created. With that being said, it would be difficult to get the attention of readers who are already loyal to well establish blogs. In this no BS guide to create a blog and how to monetize it, we will take about which platform to choose, what are the best webhosting, where to get your domain, how to drive traffic for free and how to monetize your blog.

Let’s begin.


Two of the most famous blog platform is wordpress and blogspot. Both platforms have many advantages and disadvantages. Personally I have tried both. For beginners I would recommend blogspot. It is more straight forward and it would cost less to run your blog using a custom domain. I’ll explain further later on. On wordpress however it is much more complicated. It would cost more to run your blog through wordpress but you would have more freedom on the customization of your blog.

So let’s discuss the difference of wordpress and blogspot.


Blogspot or Blogger is owned by search engine giant google. Since Google owns Blogspot it easier to get your post index. But that doesn’t leave wordpress in a disadvantage as there are SEO strategies that you implement to drive traffic to your blog. Blogger is best for beginners and those who don’t have much money to invest in theie blog.


Now there are two types of wordpress sites. and let’s talk about the differences.

This is where you can run a free wordpress site. You have less option for customization and your web address would look like If you are serious with monetizing your blog, I suggest you get your own domain name and webhosting. Also you have limited option for themes using is for self hosted blog. For example, my blog address is It sounds and look better compared to Also in terms of monitizing your blog, affiliate programs take self hosted blog more seriously. What that means is, if you want to get approved in affiliate programs you would need a self hosted blog.

Purchasing your domain name and webhost

Domain name and webhosting

Domain name makes your blog unique. Aside from monitizing your blog, there are advantages of having your own domain name.

When I was starting out, I wrote a couple of blog post before buying my own domain name. I started with blogspot and it has an option to redirect your traffic to your new domain name free of charge. However if you are going to use you would have to pay a fee for the redirect. 1 point blogger. However I still prefer wordpress since it would make your blog look more professional.

Webhosting on the other hand is where you store information of your website. You need somewhere to store your photos, video and articles. That is where web hosting comes in. Your sites loading speed and amount of downtime would depend on your webhost. So it is very important that you get a very reliable one.

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Now where do you get a domain and webhosting from? You have godaddy, namecheap, bluehost and pangalan just to name a few. I have use all of them and have not encounter and problem with. Main difference with this providers are the add ons that you can get along with your domain name.

Here are the two recent companies that I bought my domain names with.

No BS guide on how to create and monetize your blog.
No BS guide on how to create and monetize your blog.


The good thing about bluehost is that when you buy a webhosting with them, you get a domain name free for as low as $3.95 per month for their basic plan.

However if you have multiple sites and wish to have them web hosted, you may choose their prime membership. You would save a lot more with this package.

To start getting your blog hosted, click this link.


I have been using pangalan for quite some time. If you are just starting out, this is a more affordable choice for you. For around $3 you can host your blog for a month.

For domain name, you can get one as cheap as $9 per year. Click the banner to get your domain name and webhosting.

Before you buy a domain, it is advisable if you choose a domain name that is related to your topic or niche. So if your topic is all about health it is advisable to get a name like (I’m not sure if domain name already exist). Important thing is that your niche is part of your domain name. It is good for SEO if your niche is part of your domain name.

Now that we are done with domain and webhosting let’s discuss content.

Drive traffic

How do you drive traffic? There are two importany elements that would make your poar viral. First is content second is marketing. Let’s start with content.


Creating great content is the key to driving traffic and monetizing your blog. But before you start creating posts, you have to identify your niche. Niche is what your website is about. You could either select health, making money online, relationship or lifestyle. These are the most popular niche that could help you monetize your blog. There a lot more but theses are just a few examples.


SEO or search engine optimization is something you have to master to make your post go viral. Basically SEO is using the right keywords in your post to ensure that your post is the first thing people will see on the search engine. So if you writing a post about monetizing your blog, you need to use a keyword planner so that it would rank high in the search engine.

So using the same example I can see that the top keywords related to the monetizing your blog is earn money blogging, how to monetize your blog, how to earn blogging and other keywords related to my search. Using this keywords, it will help post rank better.

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Blog image

You heard that song “if a picture paint a thousand words” right? That is definitely on point. When a reader is searching for a post to read the first thing that they see is the article photo. So make your photo awesome and stand out. Make your photo tell your visitors read me pretty damn please.

How can you make your photo great? Use a site called canva. You can make great blog images with this. If you have a phone you can click here to download the Canva’s android version in google play.

What I love about canva is their templates. It is very easy to use and you can make your images easily from scratch.

You can make photos for social media accounts or if you want to create a cover for your book or cd. Here are the things that you can use Canva for

  • Instagram post
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook cover
  • Square social media media graphics
  • Photo collage
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Invitation
  • Card
  • Twitter post
  • Twitter header
  • Blog banner
  • Youtube thumbnail
  • Youtube channel art
  • Your story
  • Pinterest graphic
  • Cd cover
  • Book cover

So you got the tool where are you going to get a photo? Here is the thing. You can not simply take a photo from a website and use it as your own. Even if you state where you got it, there might be some copyright issue. So instead you can royalty free photos. There is a post from Snappa where they have conviently listed 21 website where you can get royalty free photos. Check it out by clicking this link.

Promoting your post

Now we are done talking about SEO, keyword planner and blog post image. Let’s talk about how to promote your blog. People are using different social media platform to promote their post such as Youtube, instagram, facebook and pinterest. I only use Pinterest and Facebook. I haven’t tried Youtube but you increase your reached since people are more into watching videos than reading blog articles. I haven’t had the courage to create a Youtube video that’s I don’t use this platform.

So let’s talk about Facebook first. Here is why It is a good idea to promote via Facebook. A lot of people are in Facebook. Your friends, relatives, your mom and dad and other people you don’t even know are using Facebook. You can reached more people using this platform. So how do you do that? Simple. Create a Facebook page of your site. You can share your post instantly if your theme has the necessary share buttons. Second join Facebook group that allows you to post your latest blog articles. If there a lot of people on the group, chances are people in the group would read your post.

Here are some Facebook group that I joined that has significantly increase my views and increase my Facebook and Pinterest followers.

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Just keep in mind that there are rules you have to follow. Reciprocity is the key to ensure that you will be welcome to the group. So don’t be a douche bag and request for blog views, Facebook or Pinterest followers without returning the favor.

Now let’s talk about Pinterest. Pinterest has the potential to be a number source of your traffic. Why? Pinterest pins has a longer lifespan. Compared to Facebook, a Pinterest pin can be visible for months. As long as people are repinning your pin, it becomes visible to more people.

Pinterest could help you create more traffic and eventually monetize your blog. Please see the list of Pinterest group that I joined.

Monetize your blog

Now here is the thing you have been waiting for. How to make money with your blog. That is the dream. To make a full time income and escape the 9 to 5 job.

There are several ways to make money with your blog. You can use google adsense, sponsored post and affiliate marketing. Let’s focus on affiliate marketing. Basically you promote a product. If a reader clicks your affiliate link amd buys the product you are promoting, you get a commision.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you just have to promote the product. The other side of the sale process would be up to the company selling the product.

So how do you find an affiliate program? Almost all companies have an affiliate program. But here is a list of affiliate program that can monetize your blog.

Remember before you apply for as an affilate get your own domain name and improve in your traffic. Some affilate program has certain number if monthly views to qualify.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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