Here is your life. Get out of bed, pick a killer workplace attire, brave the morning rush, work, eat lunch, pretend to be working, start rushing your work before your shift ends, evening rush, eat, sleep and repeat. Don’t you get tired of it all? Good thing there is anRead More →

There are more than 7 billion people in the world it wouldn’t be hard to find a lifetime partner right? Wrong! Although there are many fishes in the sea it is still difficult to find your mate. Don’t bother finding the perfect person because you will live your life inRead More →

Friday coffee filled travels

  <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Friday is the archnemesis of Monday. Thank God it’s Friday! There are so many reasons why I am rejoicing. Aside from the fact that it is a long weekend (Thank you UK bank holiday), I get to go home to my wife andRead More →

8 Movies to watch with your dad.

Father’s day maybe a few weeks away but I thought I come up with a list of great movies to watch with your dad. Here are movies that I watched over the years that you might enjoy watching. Here is the 8 Movies to watch with your dad on father’sRead More →

This post does not have any affiliate links. These are for bloggers who are just starting out and does not have money to shell out for traffic. If you are one of those people, this post is for you. This is a beginner’s guide on how to increase your websiteRead More →

You can compare life with the game of basketball. There are times that you are smoking hot and there are days that you suck like hell. Basketball is game of ups and downs. Just like life. In a never ending array of challenges, one must strive to fight every minuteRead More →

There is nothing more less motivating than coming to work on a Monday.So here are some Les Brown Motivational Quotes to get you out of that Monday Funk. Les Brown did not have it easy. He was declared educable mentally retarded which deeply affected his self esteem. A high schoolRead More →

I normally prefer blogging using a computer. But when you are always on the go and a million of thoughts are running through your head, it is always great to be able to blog using your smartphone. You need tools to make your blog post awesome. Here are some androidRead More →

We were taught by parents, friends in even in church to stay away from debt. Poor debt managent may lead to bankruptcy. That is why people are afraid to get a personal loan or a credit card. Debt is not necessarily bad. It is how people’s poor debt management makeRead More →

Three years in pre-school, six years in elementary, 4 years in high school and another minimum of four years in college. That’s the amount of years dedicated for school. With that amount of time spent in school, would a person be ready for the working world? Are the traditional schoolsRead More →

10 years back if you are going to ask me about retirement, I would simply say that is I am still young to think about it and I would let my future me worry about it. I was in my mid 20s back then and I was single. Back thenRead More →

Managing personal finance is difficult for most people. There is a line between wants and needs. Unfortunately most people ignore the line define some of their wants as needs. So to better manage finances, here is a financial quadrant that you might want to check out. So let’s define eachRead More →