10 things a new manager needs to survive the corporate world

It is difficult for new managers to transition to their new role. Whether they are handling a new team or they are taking over an old one. Either way it would take a a lot of adjustment for the manager and the team.

Here are the list of things that you need to survive the corporate world

1. Mindset

A new manager has to accept the fact that he is now handling a team. That means they are now in charge and responsible for all the action of your team. The role has changed. If the team makes a mistake, that is your mistake!. You are going to answer for your team.

It is also difficult for a new manager to handle a team of people who they are familiar with. First thing a new manager needs to do is set expectation and boundaries.

2. Respect

Respect goes both ways. Both the Manager and the team has to have respect for each other. Getting respect from the team is easier said than done. To get respect from your team you have to show them that you deserve to be in that position and you got promoted because of your skills and not because of who you know.

You can’t expect your team to follow you if they don’t respect you.

Lead by example. Don’t expect your team to do something that you are not doing yourself.

3. Goals

Now that you are a manager, you should have a goal for yourself and for your team. Make sure that your team knows what your goals are. You can’t assume that they know. They are not mind readers.

If your team has a problem that needs too be resolve do a root cause analysis. Create an action plan and implement them. If your action plans fails ask your peers for help and then create a new action plan. Repeat the steps and until you resolve the issue.

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It is important to set a timeline. You can’t simple say that you will resolve the issue in the future. When in future? It has to be specific.

Click here to find out how to set goals the smart way.

4. Patience

You need a lot of this. You can’t expect everything to go as you plan. You can’t expect to your team to change overnight. You can’t expect problems to be resolve as soon as you take over the team. And you can’t expect to learn and know everything in a short period of time. Be patient. Everything will fall into place as long as you plan well.

5. Build relationship

You need to know how you are working with. First thing you need to do is talk to each member of your team. You need to know their background, their aspiration and why they are working. Don’t go overboard and go asking them to personal questions on the first meeting. You have to be patient. They will eventually open up to you.

When I was starting out, I was so focused on building relationship that I failed to realize that I am becoming to lenient and over compromising. The team was getting their way. You have to be careful when you are starting to build their relationship with your team.

Set their expectations. Set Boundaries. Ken Blanchard said it best when he said “ In managing people it is easier to loosen up than tighten up”.

A colleague of mine just recently transitioned to the being a manager. She was the Subject matter expert of the team before she started handling them. It was difficult for her and the team to adjust to new role. But in the end. Expectation was set and rules has to be established.

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6. Perception Management

Apart from building relationship, a new manager has to build a name or as I prefer to call it a brand. So the manager is the brand. So if you think about shoes the first name that you would pop up in you head is either Nike or Adidas. So if people think about you as a manager, what would pop up in their head?

It’s crucial that you take care of your reputation if you want to get ahead in the corporate world.

7. Communication

This is very important. This would determine people’s perception of you whether they think you are a genius or an idiot. It is important for you to communicate well so that you could deliver the message to your team.

So if you have a project, you have to know how to articulate your thoughts so that everyone is on the same page. Poor communication skills would hinder you and your team from achieving your goal.

8. Mentor

Some people are fortunate enough to have someone mentor them when they transitioned to their new role. You need to find someone to guide you. If your manager doesn’t have the time to mentor you, then seek help from your co-managers. Don’t be ashamed to asked. Pride will get you nowhere.

You need a solid foundation to be an effective leader. If you learned the wrong things in the beginning, it would be difficult to unlearn them. Don’t settle for trial and error. Talk to your peers. Learned from their experience.

9. Friends at work

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You need a good set of friends at work to help you survive the insane corporate world. Having someone to tell your various challenges is a big help to keep your sanity. They understand what you are going through. It pays to make friends in the workplace.

10. Mode of Relaxation

You need an escape from everything. You can’t sleep everything off. You can’t expect to go home sleep it off and come to work the next day with a clear head.

You need something to distract your from the hardship of being a new team manager. Whether it is reading a book, watching a movie or TV series, learning to play an instrument or anything that would keep your mind off work. You definitely need one. If you don’t have a hobby, get one.

Closing note

Adjustment is difficult. Being a new manager is difficult in the beginning. Those difficulty would make you a better leader someday. Once you have resolved an impossible task, it would not be as challenging the next time around.

Learn from experience and know that error is not fatal. It is quite fine to make mistake. Everybody does it. What is important is you learn from your mistake.

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