The Best Websites For those Looking for Virtual Assistant Jobs

Thinking about becoming a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants perform a range of tasks from administrative support to social media and research, depending on the needs of your company. If you’re interested in becoming one, there are plenty of virtual assistant jobs to explore. From general job searching sites to niche sites with specific industries and job titles, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best websites for looking for virtual assistant jobs.

These websites can be useful when you want to explore different opportunities as a virtual assistant. Even if you’re not ready to apply just yet, bookmarking these sites will come in handy once you have more details about what type of work you want and where you want to work from.

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The best websites for finding virtual assistant jobs

One of the first places you should look for virtual assistant jobs is on general job sites. You can browse virtual assistant jobs through sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and LinkedIn. Looking at general job sites has one big advantage: it can help you develop a more general understanding of the field and what types of positions are available. When you search for virtual assistant jobs on these sites, you’ll often find a variety of different types of work, from full-time to part-time and freelance positions. Depending on your situation, you may want to focus on full-time or part-time positions so you can get a more consistent paycheck.

Niche job boards for virtual assistants

If you’re more interested in niche job boards for virtual assistants, there are a few sites to check out. These sites are often industry-specific, which can be great if you want to focus on a particular type of work. LinkedIn – This professional networking site has a variety of job boards and groups that you can use to find virtual assistant jobs. Monster Board – This job board has a section of jobs specifically for virtual assistants. The site also has a variety of other job boards that you can use to find other types of work, including administrative support and customer service. Indeed Board – This job board focuses on administrative support jobs. You can use its search tool to find a variety of jobs, including virtual assistant positions. ABC Job Board – This is another job board that has a section dedicated to administrative support jobs, including virtual assistant positions.

Virtual assistant-specific job sites

Some sites are dedicated to finding jobs for virtual assistants. These sites can be useful if you’re looking for more specific work. There are a few virtual assistant job sites that can help you find a job. Upwork – This is one of the most popular places to find virtual assistant jobs. You can use its search feature to find job listings posted by clients who are looking for a virtual assistant. We Work Remotely – You can use this site’s search tool to find virtual assistant jobs. You can also create an account and create a profile to make it easier to find work on the site. VIPKID – This site is dedicated to finding work for English teaching assistants, including those who work remotely. You can use its search tool to find remote teaching assistant jobs, which can include virtual assistant jobs.


This is one of the most popular websites when it comes to freelancing. They have a wide range of jobs for those looking to land a job doing admin work, IT, Design and Creative, Sales and Marketing, Social Media, and a lot more. One good thing about Upwork is the payment protection. Meaning, if your clients don’t pay up, Upwork will be the one to collect it for you.

Here is the downside. It is quite difficult to land a job due to the lengthy process of registration. Another downside is that they charge a bit high for their service fee. To get a job you have to bid for it. If you bid too high and the client has minimal funds, chances are they will accept another applicant.

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Onlinejobs is similar to Upwork. They also have a wide range of jobs available for work-from-home job applicants. If you have a free account you can post a job vacancy and see job applications. However, you could not see the contact details of the applicants and you can’t contact them. You have to upgrade your account to view the details.

They offer jobs in the following fields:

  • Real Estate VA
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Writing
  • General Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic design
  • PHP programmers
  • Social Media

Click here to go to their website

Freelancer has a wide range of jobs for applicants. Although they charge a 10% fee, this is relatively low compared to other freelance websites. If you are new to the platform, you would need to accept a low-paying project. As you gain more clients within their network, you can increase your fee gradually.

Here are some downsides. The fees for hourly projects are high. You can get banned without any explanation. There are fake clients and their interface is complicated.

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Fiverr has a diverse list of jobs that mainly focuses on Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Web development. I great thing about Fiverr is that they have online courses where you can develop your skills. On the downside, the payment process is longer than expected and the commission fee is high

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Flexjobs has been around since 2007. They focus on connecting people looking for remote job opportunities and prospective employers. They accept freelancers and applicants looking for full-time or part-time jobs. If you are looking for job opportunities with content marketing, transcription, or writing, you might be able to get a job here

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Jobs in Toptal are mainly big projects. If you have any work experience with Software development or Financial consulting, this website might help you find a job. The screening process is quite challenging but once you are in it would be worth it.

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Jooble doesn’t just offer work-from-home jobs but you can also find traditional office work on the website. The sites consolidate information from various sites worldwide. You can find freelance jobs focusing on Writing, Graphic design, and Data Entry. Currently, there are 108,033 online job vacancies as of this writing.

But in order to apply you have to go to the website offering the job vacancies.

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Just like Jooble, Simply hired has both work-from jobs and onsite jobs. Employers around the internet can post their job vacancies on this site. you can find all sorts of jobs ranging from customer service, human resources, transcription, finance, data entry, and a lot more.

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Guru has been around since 1998 and is a great place for Freelancers to find their next gig. You can find work from jobs such as content writer, web designer, translator, bookkeeper and so much more. You can join the platform for free and they have a secure payment system in place.

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Behance is somewhat different from the website that I mentioned on the list. This is a social network site for creative talents. They can post their work and build portfolios for prospective employers to see. They focus on jobs relating to Illustration, Photography, Web design, and a lot more. Just like any other social networking site, the more connection you have, the faster you’ll get hired. The downside to that is you will have a lot of competition.

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This is another site for creatives. If you are great with web and app design, logo creation, art, and illustration, this website is for you. Designers can build their portfolio just like in Behance.

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Next on our list of websites for creative talents is Dribble. The site is similar to the last two that I mentioned, build your portfolio to attract more clients. Freelancing jobs offered are in the field of Mobile Design, Illustration, and animation. There is a catch, to see the list of freelance jobs, you to subscribe to their pro version. The Pro version is $12 monthly but if you have it billed annually you just need to pay $5 per month.

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Design Hill

Last on the list (but not least) is Design hill. They have various job categories that cater to creative talents. You can find jobs relating to Branding, advertising packaging and label, website and app, Social media, Illustration and art, clothing & merchandise. There is no service fee to join the platform.

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People per Hour

This is similar to Upwork. You can find jobs relating to website design, programming, writing, translation, digital marketing, Social media, Music production, and a lot more. There is an automated invoice system and you rest assured that payments are secure. The site focuses on per-hour job opportunities.

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Task Rabbit

Aside from online work, you find jobs in the following fields: Furniture assembly, TV mounting, handyman, yard work, help moving, delivery service, Grocery shopping & delivery, lighting installation volunteer help. If you are a freelancer just go to their Virtual & online task categories. There are no service fees and you can customize your hourly rates. The downside is that this is only available in certain cities only.

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You can find vacancies depending on your skills. They offer jobs in Customer services, IT, Banking, Recruitment and Staffing, E-commerce, Data Analysis, Engineering, and a lot more.

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I think everybody heard about Linkedin. This is a social network where you connect with employers or employers can reach out to you. It is not only a website to find jobs but it is also a great place to expand your professional network by interacting with other people. Although this site is not specifically only for online job opportunities, I think Linkedin is a great place to find work-from-home jobs,

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Indeed is a free access search portal for those seeking work-from-home opportunities and on-site jobs. If you are a job seeker you don’t have to pay anything, no deduction on your wages which is a good thing. This is platform is similar to Jobstreet. This used to be my go-to site when I was still working in the corporate world.

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If you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant you need to know exactly what freelancing is. You need to know what to expect. Even if you are a seasoned employee, you need to know that freelancing is a completely different animal. Once you are pretty sure that you really want to leave your corporate job, you can take the next step with your transition.

While there are plenty of sites that help you find jobs, it can be helpful to narrow down your search by industry, location, and type of work. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can use a general job site or a virtual assistant job site. How my list helps you find your new employer

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