What is mail merge and what can you do with it?

What is mail merge and what can I do with it?

Mail merge is a very useful function on Microsoft word. To keep the explanation simple what it does is help you send out multiple emails without typing or copy-pasting the information one by one. If you have an email that you need to send to 1000 or even 10000 email addresses it would take you some time before you can send them all. This is where mail merge comes in.

Using mail merge you can send it to multiple email addresses and you can customize the information without having to go to every single mail and change the details. So if you are tasked to send out the billing statement to 100 customers. You have to change the address, the name of the customer, the amount due, and other information. You can do this easily using mail merge.

So how does mail merge work? You need Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft outlook to make this work. The first thing you need to do is make the content on Microsoft word. You need to identify which items on the letter need to change. So in the example below, we need to list the first name, due date, address, the amount due, and the email address. We need to add the details to an excel file

Once we are done with the excel file we need to prepare the word file. The example below has all the information that we filled up in the excel file. Once we are done creating this on Microsoft word, we can proceed to the next step

We need to microsoft word and go to the mailing section and click on start mail merge.

Click on the select recipients and use an existing list. Select the file name for the excel file that you created

Once you have linked the excel file. You have to select the Insert Merge field and then select the respective field. In the screenshot below, I highlighted the first name of the customer before selecting the Insert merge field.

Once you have inserted all the merge fields, your Microsoft document would look like this. Notice that there is a filed name is enclosed with this symbol. << >>. That means you have successfully inserted the merge field.
Once that’s done, click on the preview results to show how the email would look like and press the left or right arrow button to see all the entries from the excel file. Select the finish & merge option when you are ready to send out the email.

**** Please note that you have to install an outlook program on your PC, this would not work on the web version of outlook


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