3 recommended book series for young kids

I love reading books but that wasn’t always the case. You could say that I am a late bloomer. I just started reading books when I started working. I guess I was too busy with watching tv shows, playing video games and learning to play the guitar when I was younger. A total waste of time if you ask me except for playing the guitar. Now that I have a kid who loves to read, I could pass my books when she grows up. I love series. I find it more engaging if there a second or third book. The more books, the longer the story line. So here my list of  recommended book series for young kids. 

Harry potter

This is the book that started my passion for reading. The first two books are recommended for kids. Book three to seven have darker themes and you might want to hold them off on the list that you might ask your kid to read until they are older. So what is Harry potter all about?

Harry Potter is about the life the of a wizard and not just an ordinary wizard. He is the boy who lived. He ended the tryannical reign of terror of the most feared dark wizard Voldemort. He is famous but the only problem is he doesn’t know it. Everything is revealed on his 11th birthday. He learned all the unexplainable things happening in his life is magic. 

I highly recommend this book. It has humour, horror and drama. When I read the book I can’t help getting involve with what the characters are feeling. The terror in the words exquisitely bind together by Jk Rowling. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone is a good read for kids and those who are kids at heart.

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Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is somewhat similar to Harry Potter. Little did he know that the fate of world will rest on his hand. He will learn that he comes from a  lineage of the God. He is a demi god. Half man and half God and he is the son of one of the most powerful God of Olympus Poseidon.

Just like Harry Potter it has all the elements that you would look for: Drama, comedy and humour. If you are looking for a quick read, this a good book that I recommend. It is much easier to read compared J.K. Rowlings’ books. Another upside, is that there are a total of 10 books to read. That will make your kid really hooked. I recommend that you start with Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. It is a good read and your kid will definitely love it.




Narnia is another recommended book series that you should tell your kids about. However this is for advanced readers. This a story if four siblings: Peter, Susan, Edmund and lucy. They are transported to a magical world called Narnia and eventually aided the lion Aslan and defeating the diabolical White Witch.

This recommended book series is harder to read compared to the two. But don’t cross it outon your recommended list  just yet as you will be definitely entertained by this book. Start with The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.         


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Closing note

This three book series recommended book series are great. If your kid is just starting out, I would recommend them to read Percy Jackson because it has less pages and not as filled with complex words compared to the other two.

In terms of which book will get your kid more emotionally engage, I would recommend Harry Potter. Believe me that there are times I find myself teary eye while reading the book or get really upset when the antagonist is giving Harry a hard time or when one of my favorite characters dies. Oops! Sorry about that. Mini spoiler alert. The thing is I sometimes I find myself pausing to search for the meaning of a word in the book.

Narnia theme on the other hand would make your imagination go wild. Since the setting is somewhat medieval with swords and everthing, I find the different setting more interesting. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I prefer watching a movie with a historical setting compared to a modern gun blazing plot. I guess I fancy  the lack of modern technology in a story. That is the same when I read books.

In one of my post I wrote about my tips on how to teach your kids to love reading. You might want to check it out.

Let me know your thoughts.

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