4 workplace skills that you need to get notice in the workplace

You might have been wondering why you haven’t got promoted. You are loyal and have been with the company for years and yet people who have less tenure than you have gotten higher in the corporate ladder. What workplace skill do they have that you don’t possess?

I wrote a post about the 6 skills that you need to get ahead with your career. Now there are 4 important workplace skills that you need to get notice in the workplace.

So are you wondering if the countless hours that you spent in your hobbies will be worth it? Are these skills something that you can use in the workplace? The answer is yes they will come in handy.

Here are some of those workplace skills


Did you spend a lot of time with sports when you were younger? When was the last time you sweat it out? Company sports fest is a great way to show your colleagues and bosses your mad skills. Yes this is a useful skill. Being able to play like Lebron James or Stephen Curry would help you get noticed. Off course you don’t need to be that good but you need to be good enough to pass the tryout.

Off course it is not limited to basketball. Check out if your company has a volleyball or soccer team. Im sure they have one. It doesn’t get you known but builds rapport with your colleagues and your boss.


The workplace is not only about work. There are events such as year end party or what not where you can showcase your skills with a microphone. You just need confidence and a good sense of humor to capture the attention of your audience. Don’t be too drunk on company party as you might say or do something that you would be ashamed the next working day.

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Don’t let your hosting talent go to waste as thisbis a workplace skill thatvwill help you get notice.

Dancing, singing and playing instruments

If you are a frustrated singer, or your dream of becoming part of a boy band or you didn’t become a rockstar that you plan to be, don’t sweat it. Company events can be your chance to shine. Yup like I mention earlier, company party would need entertainment. Companies would rather have their employees prepare a number instead of paying someone professional to entertain. Two words: Cost cutting

Writing and photography

If you have the skill with a pen or good with taking photos you could write for the company’s newsletter oe gazette. This is a great way to unleash your creativity. Your article or photograph would have your name on it for everyone in the company to read.

Closing note

Although you are not required to have the following skills to get promoted, having them will help people notice you. Remember your boss can’t promote you if they don’t know you. It helps new people get recognized and build their network  in the workplace.

If I miss any workplace skill that will help you get notice in the workplace, please let me know.

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