5 common causes of Procrastination

What is procrastination? In simple terms this is to delay doing something until latter time or day. Based on an article in bbc, There are so many reason why we procrastinate. Here are some of the reasons:
1. You’re not feeling motivated.
There are many task at work that you find boring but needs to be done. We delay doing a task since we don’t find value in doing it or we don’t find it rewarding.
Regardless of how we feel about certain task you have to remember that you have to do it at one point. Instead of waiting last minute to do the task, you might want to start working as soon as possible to avoid cramming.
I know sometimes we could complete task when it is totally necessary especially when our deadline is upon us. The problem of delaying it is that we tend not to complete the task best way we can. If it a report, there might be errors that would lead to rework or the report that we submit could be way better if we aloted more time.
2. We don’t know how to begin.
Have you ever experience having a long list of task for the day and we don’t know which one do we work on first. That is a common dilemma for me. Sometimes I rank them by complexity first. I would start with the easier task first. I don’t start with complicated task first unless it is really urgent. Tendency is when I work on a complicated task, I get stuck and can’t move on the next. I find it motivating when cross off the task on my list. I like to start gaining momentum so that I find motivation in completing the list of deliverables.
3. We get distracted
There are so many distractions in out professional and personal life. In the workplace the main source of your distraction is your phone, email and even colleagues. So set up a time to read and answer your email. When you are doing a task, prevent reading your email as this will delay completing of the task that you are currently doing.
Your phone is another source of distraction. It is either your boss is calling or colleague who is just want to chat. So what to do? Well for your boss, you can’t really do anything about it but if it is your colleague, you can politely tell them that you are busy as hell and ask if you can.talk to them at a latter time. You have to learn to say “I’m extremely busy would you mind leaving me alone” in a extremely polite way off course.
Your colleague is another source of distraction. You know in every workplace, there is this colleague who seem to have more time to waste than you. It either they have completed their work early or they are extremely lazy. Either way, if you are in process of completing your task, learn to avoid this people so that you won’t lose that momentum.
I think it is also safe to say that your smartphones is a source of distraction. Social Media, videos, music or an ebook could get you hooked. This will delay the completion of your work. I am guilty of procrastinating because of my smartphones. For me it is more on reading when I a using smartphones. I read articles or an ebook that sometimes that I don’t realize that I’m spending too much time on it.
4. We know that the task is complicated and would take time to do.
As I mentioned earlier, I rank the complexity of the task to determine which one to work on first. Now once I have determine that a task would consume a significant amount of time, I delay it and would complete it last.
But here is the thing, what if all your task would take a lot of time to complete? What then? Well for me I would work on the task that I can complete  with less time than others. This might not work for some as they prefer to complete the harder task first so that they could relax later. But I have to admit sometimes I prefer to exert a lot of effort and energy to a complete a hard task first so that I wouldn’t feel pressure to complete the simple task later.
5. We love to day dream
Are you chronic daydreamer?  I have a couple of day dream everyday. When I am stressed my mind wanders and visit a world that I have created in my mind were everything that I want is in arm’s reach. So people imagine a world where they are rich, famous and overall successful.
That’s a good thing in a way. To be successful we have to a vision of ourselves being successful. The only problem is when we spend too much time in our daydream. In the end, we will end up with a pile of task that we have put off with less time to complete them. Instead of choosing to daydream to relieve your stress, start working on your task. It will be bigger cause of stress when you start cramming.
Closing Note
Procrastination is a common problem in the work place. When we put off task, we cause more stress to ourselves. Procrastination is prone to people who are afraid of failure, people who wants everything to be perfect, people who care too much of other people’s people opinion and those who are impulsive.
Today this is a bigger problem. Write the rise of social media and information available with click of the button, people are easily distracted more.
At work I am guilty in falling to the trap of Procrastinaton. When I am really focus on completing a task, an email, a phone call, a colleague or even an article on a website can ruin my momentum. To beat Procrastination, identify the reason and causes why you tend to put off your task.
For me, I have removed several applications (mostly android games) to try to be more productive. So far so good. But I am having this urge of re-installing them. But so far I have been able to stop myself from pressing the google play Icon.
Want to know more on how to be beat procrastination? Click here to learn more on how to beat that procranstination habit.
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