5 Time wasting smartphone apps that you want to avoid to be productive.

The smartphone is a very useful tool. It can help your productivity. You can install an app that could help you be more productive like a timer, calender or a spreadsheet. Instead of bringing your laptop, a smartphone comes in handy. You could also install a dictionary when you encounter a new word or search the internet when you are lost. However a smartphone can also suck up much of your time. So what are the time wasting apps that you should avoid to be productive.

Music Player

Music helps us call down. A great playlist can relieve you of your stress. However spending too much time listening affects productivity. Have you had an experience when you were so into the music that you tend to daydream? You end up enjoying the story that you have created in your head accompanied with your awesome soundtrack that you forgot that you have something important to do.

Some would argue that music helps them concentrate. That is true. However there are some who gets easily distracted. If you are that type of person then I suggest that stay away from your music player when you trying to get things done.

Social Media

There are several social media apps that I frequently use. There is Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and tumbler.

Social media is a great way to entertain yourself when you are bored. But it is also a cause of stress. With everything on the net, we find ourselves drowning with information. It is difficult to determine whether information is legit or just fake news. Sometimes we also get annoyed when we disagree somebody else’s opinion. Maybe not everybody. I’ll be honest. I do get annoyed when I encountered somebody who outrightly believe a fake news and strongly trying to convince others that it is legit. However I do not argue with them. Everybody is entitled.to their opinion whether it is correct or not.

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But while we are enjoying ourselves with social media, it takes away time form doing something productive.


This one of my top time waster. It started with a simple Snake from my old Nokia 5110. Then I got addicted to Candy crush, then clash of clan, then Mobile legends and then there is this new game called Rules of survival. I tell you I must have spent numerous hours playing games on my phone. This is certainly one of the most time consuming app in my phone. I have been using this game as a stress reliever however in return I have wasted a lot of time playing instead of doing productive things.

Video player

Watching videos on a smartphone is pretty common nowadays. I see people glued on their smartphone when commuting or while eating lunch.

With so many shows and movies to choose from, we sometimes spend to much time watching.

You a lot of tv series to choose from. Just subscribe to netflix and you can start watching using your smartphone. Not to mention the movies that you can download.

I guilty of this one and I can say this is the biggest time waster in my phone. Especially when I am watching a tv series. I tend to binge watch a season in one go sacrifice my well needed zzzzs.


I have always been a fan of Amazon kindle app. I would say that this is not entirely a time waster. Yes reading books can be considered productive. You get to improve your vocabulary and makes your mind active. I guess reading books becomes counter productive when you spend reading books instead of doing the task that you need to complete. Also it becomes counter productive when you spend long nights reading instead of getting quality sleep.

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I remembered when I bought the last Harry Potter Book, “>Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows, I waited for the books for years to come out. When I finally bought it, I spend consecutive nights reading the book. I was zombie the next day off course. But if was worth it. I am a book worm and hopefully my kid would be passionate about reading books when she grows up.

Closing Note

The smartphone apps that I mentioned above can be hinder your productvity if they are not use in moderation. We do deserve to be distaracted from time to time. But if we keep on spending countless with this app without a considerable return then it would be considered time wasting apps.

For example I use social media apps such as Facebook and pinterest to promote my blog and drive traffic to it. It becomes a time waster if I use it purely to check on the latest happening in my friends life or go shoping for the latest gadget out there without planning to make a reivew out of it.

What are your thoughts?

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