5 ways to get promoted at work

Everyone wants to get promoted at work. Whether it is for the job title or additional money going to their pockets, all employees want it. Let make me it clear. Everyone wants the money but not everybody wants the additional workload. Not everybody every get the job elevation that they want. Some spent years in the same position. So how does one get promoted at work?

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Develop your skills

This is a no brainer. Developing your skills is essential to get promoted. Developing your skills will convince your manager that you are ready to take on bigger role and important task. Do you think that your manager will give you a project if they are not confident with your skills? I think not.

There different type of skills that you have to develop. Technical skills and relationship skills. So what is the difference? Technical skills are those skills that make you a product expert or this makes you the go to guy or girl in a certain line of business.

The second type of skill that you have to develop is relationship skills. This involves communication, perception management and building your network.

Having great communication skills helps you convey your message clearly. There are a lot of people who are great in technical skills but not good with speaking. The person who communicate better has a greater chance to get promoted.

Building network simply means knowing people in other department that would help you make your job easier. So let’s say you your boss needs a report immediately. The information on the report would be coming from a different department. It would be easier if you know someone from that group.

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I have written a post on the 6 skills to develop to get ahead of your career. You might want to check it out.

Making your Brand known

When you think about shoes, the first brand that you would think of is either Nike or Adidas. When you think of photocopying machines, you think about xerox.

So when they think of you, what are the qualities that they would think of ? Is it efficient, responsible and reliable? If your name synonymous with these words, if its is then you are on your way of getting known.

Remember they can’t promote you if they don’t know you. You have to be known in a good way off course.

Perception Management

Now that you got people to know that you actually exist. It is time to manage how people see you. What do I mean? You have to manage your image. Remember these words. You are only as good as your last performance. It doesn’t matter if you did 100 things right. A single mistake can make the image that you have work so hard to build to crumble. So what do you do? Get a a lot of good points and I mean a lot. So that when you make a mistake they could brush it off.


You need a great mindset to get promoted. You need to patient. Sometimes it might take years especially when position that you are aiming for is still occupied. You have to wait for the person to resign before you get promoted.

A great mindset will also help you endure the disappointment when you are passed up for promotion and someone who you think is not as good as you are gets the position you are aiming for.

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I have met a lot of people who get demotivate when they don’t get promoted. That’s actually the challenge. It is difficult to stay motivated. There are some people who actually slack off after being passed up for promotion.

That’s one of the things that you have to remember. Acting out or being too demotivated only proves that you are not ready for that promotion. You boss is always on the look out for people who are professional matured to take on bigger task.


Isn’t that the same? Not it is not. Determination is the willingness to get something done while having the mindset is setting the goal and having the wishful1qq1″ thinking that you will achieve that the said goal. It is like trying to get up in the morning . You have set your mind that you will get up early but it is the determination that will get you out of your bed. That is the difference between mindset and determination.

This where patience comes in. A lot of people wants to get promoted. They feel that they are ready for the bigger role. Unfortunately there people who don’t take being passed up for promotion really well.

Your boss would prefer someone who acts mature when their employee don’t get promoted. It simply shows that they are ready to get promoted.

People also have the tendency to think that tenure alone is enough to get promoted. This is not the case. Being loyal to the company is not a golden ticket for promotion.

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Want to know more about how to get promoted? You might want to read this book by Doctor Robb Thompson called “Your passport to promotion”. It is a good read with only around 200 pages. You might learn a thing or two on how to get promoted.

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