6 affiliate marketing program that can help you monetize your blog.

One of the best way to make money online is to monetize your blog is via affiliate marketing. Before we go through the list of affiliate programs, let’s talk about what affiliate marketing is.

Think of this way. A car sales agent gets commision when he makes a successful sale of a car. He doesn’t own the car but when sells it, he get a commission.

In affiliate marketing, you sell product from an affiliate network using social media or your blog. When your visitors click your affiliate link and purchase a product, you get a commission.

There are so many company looking for affiliates to sell their products. Here are some affiliate program that pay bloggers to promote their products.

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Did you know that you can be an affiliate with bluehost even if you don’t have an account with them? I did not know either. I had a bluehost account before with my other blog and I thought that the only way that I can be an affiliate is if I have an account with them.

Bluehost is a company that provides webhosting to help you grow your blog.

Click this link to become an affiliate.

Ultimate bundles

This is a great site. To get really value for your money, you can get bundles for a discounted price. Products ranges from guides relating to health, home making, blogging and a lot more.

Click this link to become an affiliate.

Amazon Affliate

Everybody knows Amazon. You get physical products deliver to you using this site. By referring your readers you can make commision depending on the product that you sold. Great thing about amazon is that if you readers click your link and buys a different product, you would still get a commision

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Click here to apply for an Amazon associate account.

Click bank

This is the home of digital products. You can get guide for health, love, weightloss and a lot more. Refer your readers using your link and get commision. Since this are digital products, it would be harder to sell, but with an awesome promotion, you would be able to make with this platform.

Click here to apply for your click bank account. Want to learn the secrets for Click bank click here.

Itunes affliate

What? Itunes has an affiliate program? Yup that’s right. You can add links from your blogpost and send them over to a product in Itunes that you are promoting. When they purchase using your link, you get commission. Cool right?

Click here to apply for an Itunes affliate account.


Here is another site that can help you make money using affiliate marketing. Jvzoo is just like Click bank. You can promote digital products on your blog and get commision when someone buys using your affiliate link.

Click here to become an affiliate

Before you start putting affiliate links in your blog or social media, you need to drive traffic to them first. Yes can start adding affiliate links right away but it wouldn’t be any use if nobody is visiting your site. I recommend you to learn how to drive traffic to your site first. In Social Media, you have to grow your following. Want to learn how to up your game in affiliate marketing? Click here

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