6 Skills that you need to develop to get ahead with your career


Wondered why some are favored in terms with promotion while your stuck on your current position? Here are some of the skills that you to develop to get that job promotion that you have been dying for. 

1. Communication

Knowing how to speak well combined with an arsenal of vocabulary that would make you seem more intelligent than you actually are would go a long way.

I know a lot of people who are skilled with the art of BS. When you hear them talking they seem to be very articulate. They talk a lot and seem to know a what they are doing. But when you really listen, all they are saying is a very convincing excuse filled with high falutin words.

Lesson here is improve your vocabulary and learn to speak well. Believe it is worth it to improve communication skills.

2. MS Excel

This is a must learn skill in the corporate world. Whether you are a rank and file or the CEO of the company, this skill is essential.  Performance report is normally created using MS excel and any report for internal or external customer are being reported by this tool.

You need to learn how  to develop your excel skills. You need to learn this to get ahead in the corporate world. If you have mad skills with analyzing data that would surely be a plus. But if you don’t worry it is easy to learn.

3. Powerpoint

Powerpoint is another tool used for reporting and for your presentation. If you already know how to create graphs using excel, you could combine it with your powerpoint presentation. Put some graphics, some great fonts and a great design then you are good to go. Just make sure that your content is great. All the great visuals in world couldn’t make up if your content is crappy.

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4. The skill to know when to shut up

This is related to your people skill and is a very important skill to know. You have be careful who you rant to. Sometimes those who you trust are the ones who will the cause of your downfall.Also sometimes you have to learn when not to talk back to your boss especially when you are not in his or her good graces. 

You have to be careful not to rant every single chance that you get. People would not think highly of you and even if you really have a good idea, they would just dismiss it. 

5. Perception management

This is one of the most important thing that you need to get ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are great with your work if nobody knows about it especially your boss. It doesn’t matter if you implemented a good project with a lot of benefits to the company if nobody knows that you are the one who implemented it.

Here is the reality. You would meet someone who is an achievement grabber. This are people who did not contribute anything to a task. I have meet a couple of this type of people in the workplace.

6. Positive mindset

This is related to emotional intelligence. Some may think this is not a skill. But having a constant positive mindset is not an easy task to achieve. Challenges is a regular occurrence at work. Whether it is challenges with the workload, the people that you are working with, or the company; you have to learn not to sweat the small stuff.

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A positive outlook in the workplace can solve any problem. Changes is frequent as well. Whether it is change in the company policy, benefits or the company process. Keep calm. Most problems in the workplace can be solve.

Closing note

In the real world, having an expensive education doesn’t guarantee that you will get ahead with your career. People skill, emotional intelligence and perception management are areas that you need to develop. Technical skills will be learn over time. But personality development is something that you have to allot a longer time to learn.

What are you thoughts?

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