6 tips on how to teach your kids to love reading books

Would you like to know how to teach your kid to love reading books? Is your kid not reading books as much as you want them to? It is a habit that has to be developed and this is a habit that should be developed when they are still young. Develop your child’s reading skills is the first step to teach your child to love reading off course. You can find a lot of articles about phonics for kids or teaching reading strategies online. Once your kid knows how to read, you can start introducing them to books.

Here are my tips to help you get your kids hooked on book reading.

Keeping the tablet or smartphone away from your kid as much as you can

Every kid knows how to use a smartphone. They even know how to navigate better than their grandparents. Smartphones and tablets are advantageous in some ways. There are apps that you could download to teach them how to read letters and numbers.
However, they tend to be distracted easily. Instead of using the apps that you have downloaded, they tend to play games instead or watch a video.

Personally, I could  not monitor  everything that my kid browsed on her tablet. I am surprised what she discovers in Youtube.

So as a rule, we do  not let  her use her tablet during week days. We limit her limit her time during weekends as well and try to monitor what she does.

Yes there are a lot of useful reading apps for kids in google play As much as possible it is still better to teach them how to read using books instead of their tablets and smartphone.

Read to your child.

I try to read to my kid as much as I can. Since I am still at work when she about to go to sleep, I end up reading to her only during weekends. This is very important because it gives you time to bond with your child. When I am reading to her she tends to ask a lot of questions. Questions on how a certain word sounds or what the word actually means. Encourage her to ask questions. It is good for both of you. There are times that I had to search for the meaning on a dictionary. That good thing about it is that she is learning.

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Let them see your reading

Be a good role model when it comes to reading. But Keep this in mind. Do not keep on reading using your smartphone. This would only encourage them to use a smartphone instead of reading books.

I know that you could read books online or you could buy books online as well and save it on your phone. There are a lot of free books online or you could read online books free of charge. I get it. I also do read books using my phone. It is more convenient and it is a good way to kill time.

But I still prefer reading books. I love the way the book smells. It is more fulfilling to turn pages and see how much you have read by checking your bookmark instead of swiping the pages on your ebook.

Set up a place for your child to read books

My kid has her own bookshelf for her own books. We try to buy new books as much as we can. Having their own books teaches them to take care of their things. It started out with books with letters and numbers. Then we added story books for kids such as fairy tales and bible stories. Sometimes we buy her English story books but she prefers Filipino folk-lore.

We even kept her textbooks for her previous school year as she tends to read the lesson when she has the time.

Buy books they are interested in

My kid loves to read about science, about the earth and experiments. I bought her an encyclopedia for kids and she loves it. I will try to encourage her to read fictional books when she gets older. But for now I let her choose her own books. I do not want to force her to read on a topic that she is not interested in.

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Bring them to a library or bookstore

Unfortunately there is no library near our residence. They have a library in school but hey are not allowed to bring home books yet. So instead I bring her to bookstores that allow customers to read books just like in Powerbooks or Booksale. We would spend time in the bookstore and if she is interested enough with the book and the book is not that expensive I buy it for her.

I believe that learning to read proficiently will help my kid in the future. If you believe this as well, you might want to try this Amazing  reading program created by a reading teacher named Jim.  Click Here! 

Closing note

There are a lot of benefits of reading. It improves your vocabulary, improves your reading skills and enhances your imagination. Just think of it this way. If you know Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone you would know that the movie was based on a book. Even though the movie adaptation was great and there were only minor modifications, I found it more fulfilling to read than to watch. There is a sense of fulfillment when you finish reading a book compared to when you finish watching a movie.

When you are reading a book, you encounter words that you do not know the meaning. You can pause and check it out in the dictionary. When you are watching a movie, you tend to forget about the word and would not have  time to check the meaning especially when you are watching in a movie house. Some people prefer to read books while some prefer to just watch a video or a movie. Personally I prefer reading.

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My goal now is to help my child learn how to love to read books. I started teaching her how to read when she was young. The were apps that I downloaded in her tablet that teach her how to read. Later on I realize that I made her addicted with the tablet. Soon enough she learn how to play games and started ignoring the reading apps that I downloaded. You have to be patient as not all kids love to read. They would prefer to play or watch something on their tablet or play outdoor game with their friends.

I consider myself a late bloomer. I learned to read when I was already working. If I could turn back time I would have learned reading books at an earlier stage. But it is still not too late. Loving to read books has no age limit.

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