7 life lesson that I learn from basketball

You can compare life with the game of basketball. There are times that you are smoking hot and there are days that you suck like hell. Basketball is game of ups and downs. Just like life. In a never ending array of challenges, one must strive to fight every minute and every second. So what are the life lessons that I learn from basketball?

Rack up those points early

At the start of the game, players are full with enthusiam and fighting for every rebound, every ball possession and every point. In life we have to start preparing for the end game early. Thinking that we could postpone something important to a latter time or day while have heavy repurcussion.

So what am I talking about? Whether it about your career, your personal life or your personal finances, it is always advisable to prepare for it early.

With your career, attend training and develop your skills. With personal finance, start building up your portfolio. With relationship, start finding a partner that we help achieve your goals.

When you are down, keep on fighting

When a team is down with points most of the time the team losses confidence and the losses the will to fight back.

Most of the time when a person has been passed up for job promotion, he becomes demotivated and losses focus on the job. When a person’s marriage is a mess, sometimes they just give up. When a person falls into debt and messes up their personal finance, they lose hope thinking that there is no way to get in a good financial standing.

Just like in basketball, there have been times when a losing team ends up with the victory. Through determination and hard work, they slowly cut down the lead and eventually wins. There have been times when a team is down three games to none in a best of seven series and ending up winning all the four games.

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The key is not losing hope. Your career, relationship and your personal finance today but it might be better tommorrow.

When you are up, keeping building the lead

You have watched games where the leading team ends up losing in the end. That is because they are too confident and complacent. It is more heartbreaking to lead in double digit but ended up losing the game compared to a team who has been trailing from the start and don’t catch up.

In life, there are times when everything is great. Then a big challange comes their way and every comes crumbling down. Whether it is because of health issues, financial loss or losing their job, always be prepared for the worse case scenario. Because the universe has a funny way of messing things up when everything is great.

So when the big hurdle comes your way don’t panic but don’t relax either. Take a breather and think things through. Come with action plans before the smoke becomes a fire.

Superstars can’t win it all by himself

You might be talented or you might be the go to guy either at work ir in your home. But don’t be a fool to think that your success was only because of you.

In the workplace, no matter how good you are you need your peers. Sure you can do everything on your own. But it would be better if there someone there to support you.

In marriage don’t solve all the problems by yourself. Marriage is a partnership. To solve a problem you need to be a team. Couples who solves problems together stays together in the long run.

Do you think Apple was created by Steve Jobs by himself? Or microsoft is succesful only because of Bill gates? They had a team surrounding them and helping them build the most profitable companies in the planet. Sure they lead their comapnies but they needed people to achieve their success.

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Manage your time

Managing your time is important in basketball as well as in life. Think of a quarter like it is a certain milestone on your life. You have to have a certain goal and you have to set a timeline. When you plan something in life like for example you want a house, you don’t say I will have a house in the future. When in the future? 20, 30 or 40 years from today? It has to be clear.

Your goal has to have a timeline. Let say you want to be promoted. Instead of saying that you want that job elevation tell yourself I will get promoted in two years. Set a specific time. This will help be more focus with your goal.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you have to complete 9 reports today and you have 9 working hours. Wouldn’t be better to tell yourself that you will complete 1 report per hour?. You will end up cramming on last few hours of your work day if you do not manage your time properly.

Learn from your mistakes and fight another day.

There are times when you have to accept defeat. Learn from the mistakes and make adjustment for the next game.

There are times when a problem is so big that you can’t think of a solution. You are exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of exhaustion, any effort that you do will be for nothing. So instead of fighting hard in a losing game, conserve your energy for the next.

So this does not mean quitting. Instead take a step back. Review the game and make adjusments.

In life, try to figure out how you ended up with that problem. Figure out how you ended up in that situation. What were the decisions that you made that made you end up in that situation.

Defense is as important as offence

Most teams focus on offence to win games. But defense is equally important.

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In life you just got that job promotion that you are aiming for and you are earning lots of money. You are doing everything in your power to ensure that the two aspect of your life is going great. You are staying late in the office and setting aside your relationship. That is offense.

But what if you lose that job and lose all the money that you are earning? What then? If you don’t prepare for the worse case scenario, you will be blindsided. So instead if pouring all the effort in your career, set time to build relationship. Instead of just earn set aside and start saving. Better yet learn to invest.

In a basketball game when both teams are neck to neck in scoring, the team with the better defense wins it on the stretch. So instead of just focusing all the effort in offense learn to defend as well.

In life and in basketball you can’t really on purely on talent. You have to rely on people and rely on faith to overcome challenges. You just have to the proper mindset and determination to overcome challenges on both front.

I hope you enjoy the life lesson that I learn from basketball.

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