7 things you should consider before leaving your job

Everyone gets tired of their job. Some people aim for their dream job or their desired job position but ends up regretting it once they got it. You might have gotten to fight with your boss and pride took over and utter the words most people don’t have the balls to say: I quit!

Before you submit your resignation letter, here are some tips that might help you decide whether to quit or stay with your job.

1. It’s not about the money

People are tempted to leave their job because of additional income they are being offered. Don’t let the money be the main motivation for you to quit. Find a job that you love so that you will be motivated to excel. Money will go your way once you are performing well.

2. Don’t leave your  job because  your boss is the biggest scumbag in the world.

You may hate boss due to so many reasons. You may want to leave because of that but the chance of having a boss that you would eventually hate is unfortunately high. The universe may screw you over and give you a bigger douche of a boss than the one that you currently have.

3. Location, location., location

So you got the dream job that you wanted. The compensation is way better than your current pay. But the commute or amount of time you locate is so taxing that you are trading money for the time for resting or getting some quality zzzzzs. Remember your body needs  to recharge. Treat it as a temple and not an amusement park.

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4. You are not getting promoted

If you have been with the company for years and haven’t been promoted you might want to ask yourself if the problem is with the company or the problem is with you. Chance are the problem is with you. Yes office politics is real but if you are that good, you are bound to be promoted.

5. Your benefits or incentive has change or worse removed

You might not be getting the extra cash for performing well. They might have remove your maternity benefit, hazard pay, bonus pay or whatever incentive that they providing. Remember these are variable income. That means that the company has the option to remove it. The only thing that they can not change is your base salary.

By the way labor laws may differ in different countries.

6. Your new job keeps odd hours

There are companies that offers non-traditionally 8 to 5 shift. Some would ask you to come to work as early as 3 am. The pay of course is much higher than a normal job. Nocturnal people may enjoy this shift since there is no traffic but downside is that it is not that safe to travel. And also your body is programmed to sleep at night. Your body may be able to tolerate that for a couple of years. But you may feel the effects to your body when you grow old.

Another downside is that while everybody is sleeping you’re wide awake. And when you are sleeping it is the other way around. That means goodbye social life. The time you spend sleeping in the morning could have been the quality time with your family.

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Personally I feel better sleeping a few hours a night compared to a whole 8 hours sleep in the morning.

7. Are you financially ready? 

This is very important. Your cash flow will be affected if you don’t plan it right. You might resort to getting a loan or using your credit if you don’t have any savings before leaving your job. Remember the time between your last pay from your old company and your first pay with your new one might take months. So plan ahead.

So before you update your resume and give your resignation letter consider all factors first. Check the pros and cons first before you make any decisions.