8 Movies to watch with your dad on father’s day.

Father’s day maybe a few weeks away but I thought I come up with a list of great movies to watch with your dad. Here are movies that I watched over the years that you might enjoy watching. Here is the 8 Movies to watch with your dad on father’s day.

He got game

Ray Allen plays the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth, a rising basketball star who is being pursued by a lot of colleges. Denzel Washington plays the role of Jesus’ dad who is a convicted felon who accidentally kills his wife. Jesus despises his father for her mother’s death.

Jake is being offered parole in exchange for his son playing for Big State but Jake is having a hard time of convincing Jesus as he blames Jake for her mother’s death.

This a great movie to watch and Spike Lee did a good job mixing basketball with drama.

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I am sam

The movie is about Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a mentally impaired father who has the intellect of a six year old child, and her daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning). Sam loses Lucy’s custody as the court deem him unfit to take care of his child.

Later in the movie, he seeks the assistance of a lawyer named Rita (Michelle Pieffer) who was force to take Sam’s custody case to prove to her peers that she is not heartless. While Rita is helping her with the case, he helps her mend her relationship with his son.

What I love about this movie is the killer beatles revival soundtrack.

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My life

If you know that you would not live long enough to raise your son what would you do?

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The movie tells the story of Bob (Micheal Keaton) who was diagnosed with kidney cancer. When he learns about his terminal disease, he starts filming himself doing fatherly chores and gives out life advice to his unborn son.

When I was first watch this movie a few years back, it somehow got me thinking about life. Now that I have a child of my own, it got me thinking what will I do if I am in the same situation. If Bob lives today he would surely be a Youtube star.

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John Q

Here is another Denzel Washington movie that is a great film to watch with your dad. Denzel plays John Quincy Archibald. He learns that his son has an enlarged heart and needs an immediate transplant. Unfortunately his HMO does not cover the transplant and the hospital refuses to treat him.

His only option is to raise $75,000 to have his child put in the organ donor list however they do not have the money. Left without any option, John hostages people in hospital demanding that his child be given a transplant.

This is a very touching movie that just show that a father would do everything for his child.

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Miracle in cell #7

The next two movies are Korean but is a great movie to watch with your dad. All Lee Yong Go wanted is buy a Sailor Moon bag for his daughter Ye Seung. He was wrongly convicted of kidnapping and killing the daughter of the Police Commissioner.He was forced to lie during his trial to protect his daughter from the Police Commissioner who threatens to kill her if he doesn’t lie.

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This is a very emotional movie that would surely make you cry silly.

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Train to Busan

Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) is a workaholic who doesn’t have time for his daughter. For her daugther’s birthday, he agrees to bring her to her mother who lives in Busan. They take a train but due to mysterious virus, people turn to zombies. The train that they are riding are infested with passengers who became zombies and Seok Woo would do everything to save his child.

The movie hit me hard as there were times when I had to sacrifice time for my family over work.

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The movie is about possible end of the world. When an asteroid is bound to hit earth, possibly ending all life form, they seek the help of Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis). He is considered the best deep sea oil driller in world and would need his expertise to drill a hole in the middle of the asteroid and split it half so that it will pass earth. Harry along his team of oil drillers including her daughter’s boyfriend A.J. (Ben Afflect). His relationship with daughter Grace (Liv Tyler) is strain since Harry does not approve of their relationship but eventually gives her hand in marriage.

If you know the song “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith, the song is part of the soundtrack.

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Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an overworked architect who doesn’t have time for his family. One day when he meets Morty, an inventor of sorts, and gives him a universal remote control. He soon learns that he could fast forward boring parts of his life. The remote control learns his preference and automatically skips part of his life that was meant to be cherish. He skips to part of his life where he is already successful but learns that his relationship with his wife Donna (Kate Bekinsale) and his two children have ruined.

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I didn’t expect that an Adam Sandler movie could make me cry. But there are parts of the movie that hit me hard and I am Michael in some if the scenes. Especially when they were eating and Michael was not paying attention since he is on autopilot.

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