Amazing finds in Amazon to improve your mobile phone photography

Mobile phone camera technology has gone a long way. Smartphones are now armed with powerful camera that could take amazing photos. Off course DSLR camera are still considered the best in taking photos, but Mobile phone photography is catching up.

So here are amazing finds that could improve your mobile phone photography.

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Jiraiya Aluminum Professional Lightweight Camera Tripod

A tripod is essential to make great shots with your mobile phone. You can use this to attach not only your smart phone or Iphone but you can also use it for your Gopro, DSLR camera and camcorder.

This comes with a remote shutter to make it easier to take selfies. It also comes witha cellphone holder clip to attach almost any mobile phone to it.

Get it here for $8.99

Cosbity Monocular telescope

This great tool will take your mobile photography to a whole new level. You can use it for bird watching, camping and outdoor photography. You can take photos in the dark as it comes with night vision. You can zoom in and take better picture as it has a 12x zoom feature.

This is compatible with Samsung, Iphone and almost all other android phone. It also comes with a cellphone adapter and a remote shutter for easy photo taking.

Get it here for $39.95

Apexel 4 in 1 12x Zoom Telephoto Lens

This package is awesome. Aside from getting a telephoto lens, you also get lens for Fisheye, wide angle, and macro shots.

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You can attach this to your Iphone, Samsung, Huawei, Lg and almost all type of mobile phones.

This a great tool to experiment with your mobile phone photography.

Get it here for $16.97

Zomei 14 Inches Dimmable Ring Light

Great lighting can make your photos stand out. That is why it a good idea to always have this mobile phone photography tool with you.

You can adjust the brightness depending on your need. You can also adjust the height of the stand.

You can use this not only for portrait photography but you can also use it when you are creating your next youtube video.

This also includes a carrying case so that you can bring it anywhere with ease.

Get it here for $94.99

National Geographic: The Camera Phone Book: How to Shoot like a pro

Now that you get the list of awesome finds to improve your mobile phone photography. It time to get some tips. Why not learn it from the experts. National Geographic has come up with a book to teach how to become a better photographer using your smartphone. Cool isn’t?

Get it here for $10.95

Do you any other suggestion on how you can improve your mobile phone photography?

Please let us know!

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