Are traditional schools outdated?

Three years in pre-school, six years in elementary, 4 years in high school and another minimum of four years in college. That’s the amount of years dedicated for school. With that amount of time spent in school, would a person be ready for the working world? Are the traditional schools outdated?

I read this article in rappler regarding the talk of renowned author of Rich dad poor dad, Robert Kiyosaki. He said traditional school are useless. Schools train students to get a good job and not learn entrepreneurship. I agree with him.

Traditional schools teaches us to get a good education so that we could land a good job. That concept has been taught to us not only by schools but also by our parents. But with the changes with how people make money nowadays, isn’t the current educational system outdated. Let’s face it is not.

I graduated with degree of Business administration major in Marketing. I had a course in Entrepreneurship. But back then most of the lessons where about the type of business like sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and so forth. It teaches the differences of the type of business and the requirements needed to set up the business. But in terms of real life application of the entrepreneurship I would have to say that there not much that I learned from the subject.

Same with taxation. We were taught about the different type of taxes but then it was not something a college student could really relate to. I have to relearn it when I had to work.

There are other topics that I wish traditional schools would teach like investments. Like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and so forth. That is something that would not only benefit the student in the future but it would be great for the economy. Just imagine if a large percentage of the country would invest in the stock market. That would improve a lot of people’s personal finance.

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Second thing that I wish traditional schools would teach more is mental health. A lot of Filipinos are suffering from mental health issues. The sad thing is majority of Filipinos consider asking mental health assistance taboo or something shameful. A lot of Filipinos are suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and a lot more mental health issues but are too afraid to seek help. If people would be more informed, then they could get immediate help for their mental health issues.

Money management is another topic that I wish they would teach more in traditional schools. As you know children learn how to manage their money from their parents. If parents has bad money management habits, their children will most likely have them too.

Since people only learn money management through their parents, a child whose parents have terrible money management skills would somewhat end up having terrible money management skills as well.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling traditional schools useless. I have learn a lot from them. Would I have my child home schooled instead? Off course not. Kids get to learn to socialize with other kids at school. Yes school teaches us that getting good grades would help them good job in the future. Instead of not having them go to traditional schools, I would teach them things that are not learn within the traditional school curriculum.

Nowadays if we want to learn a new skill we simply search it in the internet. But the is the problem. Not everything on the internet is true. History for example is being discredited with fake news. A wikipedia post are not verified as well as other information found on internet websites.

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Parents have to make an effort to teach their children lesson which are not taught in traditional schools.

What are your thoughts?

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