Can you still make money with bitcoins in 2018?

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It’s 2018. Gone are the days when facebook wall is filled with bitcoin news. Are you too late for the bitcoin party? In a manner of speaking yes the party is winding down. But the answer to your question whether you can still make money with bitcoin is yes. You can still make money with bitcoins. However don’t expect the same return like last year.

January last year, bitcoin prices is less than $900 per bitcoin. Before the year ended prices spiked to $19000 per coin but prices went spiralling down after. Prices went up as people learned about bitcoin and started investing. But in a short period people pulled out their investment and prices went down.

Today the value of bitcoin is $7155 per coin. So you might be wondering how you can make money with bitcoin today. Let’s put it this way. If you bought a rare collectible item at $500 today and sold it tommorrow at $1000 wouldn’t you consider that a profit?

Last April 5 the value of bitcoin is $6800 per coin. Today it is $7155. That is 5.22% increase. That is 5.22% in four days. Not bad right. Off course the rate of increase is considerably low compared to last year spike but you can still make a profit.

Just this year the price of bitcoin dropped to $6159 last Feb 4th. It went up to $11570 last Feb 19th. That is an 87.86% increase in just a few days.

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Here is the thing. Bitcoin’s price increase last year was exponential and a lot of people made a lot of money. If you are going to hold on to the hope that bitcoin’s value would soar like last year, chances are it won’t.

This year, bitcoin prices hasn’t broken the $12000 mark but you have to remember bitcoin does not follow the normal trend. It does not follow the normal trend that you can see with the stock market. That means the value increase is not limited and so is the dip in value.

If you want to make money with bitcoins it is still possible. Just remember there is a bigger risk with bitcoins. But since the risk is bigger there is a possibility that returns is higher as well. This is also true with other cryptocurrency like Ethereum or ripple.

The example below is an example of how much is your possible earnings for cryptocurrency the new price and current price are just examples and not the actual prices.

Profits are in dollar

I know people who are still making money with bitcoins and other cryptocurrency but the earnings is not as high as it was last year.

So to end this post yes it is still possible to make money with bitcoins and yes it is still possible to make money with cryptocurrency.

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