Daddy’s guide when someone has crush on your 7 year old daughter

How would you react if someone has a crush on your daughter? And how would you react if your daughter is just seven? Holy crap! So before you go bad boys 2 on the kid who has the hots for your little princess, check out this tips

1. Keep calm bro! 
Find that inner peace within. If you haven’t found a way to do that before then learn to do in the next 5 seconds. Listen to what she has to say. Get the details. If you react like a hysterical douche bag chances are she won’t open up next time. Best tip shut the hell up!

If you want to know effective ways to calm yourself  in 10 seconds click  here

2. Watch your mouth boy! 

Don’t go”WTF!” or “who the hell is this kid? “. Ask questions like a concern parent not like a prosecutor trying to make a suspect confess. So ask questions then go back to step 1 and repeat. It is important for your kid to be comfortable enough to tell you every single detail.


3. Don’t go giving her advice! 

Let her come up with what to do next. This does not mean you will let her do what she wants.

During my coaching sessions with my one down, it is always vital to agree on an action plan rather than spoon feeding it to them. You have to get their buy in or commitment to the action plan. You can give them all the action plans in the world but it won’t amount to anything if there is no commitment.

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So going back to your kid, guide her. Don’t tell her to stop talking to the kid because that ain’t going to happen. Authoritative parenting won’t work and she is too young for love tips coming from you. It’s part of the growing up process of your kid.

So I volunteered to pick up my kid from school. I was busy with my phone while waiting for her. When my childs came out she was accompanied by a male classmate. I had the feeling that this is the same kid she was talking about. I was not angry, I thought it was funny but tried not to smile. I fought the urge to even say anything. When we were alone and on our way home I ask who that person was. And sure enough I was right with my guess. I just brushed it off. The next day I picked her up again. Nobody was accompanying her. I ask her were is your friend. Oh well. She told me that he has a different crush.

If your stress, don’t be. Reserve that stress when she hits puberty. Haha!

By the way  did you click here on the first part of the post? Link not working? Well… It ain’t broken. No he didn’t. Yes I sure did! There is no way you could calm yourself in 10 seconds. You have to be master Yoda to pull that off. Remember to have a sense of humor and learn how to not take anything serious especially when you’re raising a daughter. Make sure that you take care of that parent child relationship that you got going.

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Chill and happy parenting!