What is the difference between great mindset and determination when it comes to success?

When you ask people what do they need to succeed they would say two things: Great mindset and determination. Can you really be successful with just one or do you need both? So what is the difference between great mindset and determination when it comes to success?

When my boss asked me what would a person need to be successful I immediately said great mindset. He ask me why. Well for me mindset is the person’s way of thinking. If a person believes that he can complete a task or achieve a goal despite the challenges he face, then that person could achieve anything.

Having a great mindset helps you shove negative thoughts out of your mind. This very useful if you have a challenge that you have to overcome. This will motivate during times when you can find a solution.

My boss agreed that a great mindset will help you achieve goals. But you determination to pull it off. He explained the difference and gave me this example. A person may choose to set his alarm at let’s say 5:00 AM. But it is the determination that will make you get out of your bed. Make sense.

I have the mindset to write more consistently on my blog but I get distracted. It is my determination that makes me complete my task of writing consistently.

It is the same thing with my subordinate. I keep on telling them to not to be late. I keep telling them that it would affect their performance. But not matter how much I tell them and try to make them realize how essential it is for them to come early, if they are not determine they won’t even bother trying.

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It is the same with everyone. Whether we decide to lose weight, learn a new skill, to save money, get out of debt or anything to improve our flaws. If we are not determine enough, we will not be able to achieve our goal. We get distracted and tend to procrastinate.

So having a great mindset is enough to be successful. Having a great mindset will have you plan you goals but it is not enough for you to execute your action plans. You have to have determination. The determination not to be mediocre. The determination to get things done.

So do you agree? Or do you thing a great mindset is enough to achieve your goals? Let me know.

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