7 great places you can bring kids in the Philippines

If you are planning to bring your kids to something special for their birthday or just want to do something different with your kids, then here are 7 great places you can bring kids in the Philippines.

Instead of going to the mall and watch a movie here are some great suggestions to spice up that special occasion.

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Enchanted Kingdom

Here is a great place to take your kids. There are numerous rides that your kid can enjoy. There are also rides that an adult would find fun.

I have been here several times and enjoy rides link anchors away, Rio grande, extreme drop and space shuttle.

Click the link for a discounted price which includes ride all you can pass and Agila Ekperience.

Manila Ocean Park

Manila ocean park is the home of 14,000 marine creatures and 277 indigenous creatures which can be found in the Philippines and neighbouring countries.

You’re kid would enjoy the site and learn about certain aquatic animals.

By clicking the link you can book now and use the ticket until February 28, 2019.

Star City

If you find Enchanted Kingdom to far from the metro, then you might want to consider star city. You can get an all access pass from kiddie rides to extreme rides for adults by clicking this link

Zoobic Safari

Get close and personal with the zoo animals in Zoobic safari adventure park. Located in the jungle area in subic freeport.

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You can get all access to the following attractions

  • Zoobic Park
  • Savannah
  • Serpentarium
  • Bone Museum
  • Close encounter
  • Croco Loco
  • Forbidden Cave
  • Aetas’ Trail
  • Tiger Safari Ride
  • Zoobic cave

Click here to get discounted tickets.

The Dessert Musuem

Your kid would love this place and would make sure to satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth. It is basically a musuem and playground fitted on one place.

They can enjoy all eight theme room

  • Cake pop
  • Cotton candy
  • Gum hall
  • Donut room
  • Gummy bear
  • Ice cream
  • Marshmallow
  • Candy cane

Click on the link to enjoy a two hour tour with a discounted price

Inflatable Island Splash

Here is another great place to visit in Subic. Here you can enjoy swimming and enjoy the inflatable playground.

If you want to escape the urban jungle here is a great place to cool off.

Here are some inclusion to the package that they are offering

  • Two (2) hour access to Inflatable and Unicorn Island
  • Whole day entry to Samba Beach
  • Access to the Floating Zoo
  • Exclusive access to Bali inspired lounge
  • Free parking on a first come, first serve basis

Click here to get discounted tickets

Ocean adventure

Here is another great theme park to visit in Subic. This is the first open water marine park in the Philippines and south east asia.

Your kids would learn about animal welfare and wildlife conservation. If you want to escape the city and enjoy the ambience of the province then this is a good place to visit.

Click here to get discounts.

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