Why you hate your job and what you can do about it

​At one point we all end up hating our job. But it wasn’t always the case. Remember your first day high? You were ready for new challenges. You were making a lot of new friends and your self esteem was well fed. So how did you end up hating your job and what can you do about it?

Fast forward a few months and years after the your first day at work. Two things might have happened. You might really love your job or you want to call it quits. Here is why:

Your Colleagues

Most of the time, people stay in a company if they have made meaningful connection with their work mates. Some has made long lasting friendship in their workplace wherein they are going on holiday with their respective families.

But some have challenges interacting with others. It is pretty much expected. We can’t expect everybody to be outgoing and willing to open up to others. There are people who are introvert who prefers being alone.
Being an introvert is not necessarily the reason why people are unhappy in the workplace because of their colleagues.
The main reason why people want to leave their job because of their colleagues is conflict. Conflicts is really normal. People with different views, beliefs or principle tend to have conflicts. Although it is normal to have conflicts in the workplace, what matters most is how to deal with them.
How to deal with conflicts? Here is how:

The main cause of conflicts is misunderstanding. The key to resolving conflicts is communication. People tend to stop talking to each other when they have disagreements. The longer people stop talking to each other and delay facing the issue, the harder it would be to resolve it.

What should you do?

So act. Don’t wait for the issue to be resolved by itself because that won’t happen. So the two people I am handling had a disagreement. They are friends, good friends in fact. It took me 2 weeks to realize that they are talking to each other. I tried to get them in one room to talk but could not push that hard because one was pregnant. Nobody was willing to set their pride aside to fix the problem. When I eventually got them talking, the damage was already done. Although they are acting professionally towards each other, the relationship that they had was not the same.

Your Manager

You heard the saying that all superiors are either boss or leaders. This true among people in position in the workplace. Superior is a common cause of stress for a lot of employees.

It is either your manager is too busy completing their deliverables and don’t have time for the team, having favorites, or always not available all the time.

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There are some boss who are micro managing their subordinates. Although this should be fine however, sometimes they tend to be excessive and sometimes employees feel that their boss are finding fault in everything that they are doing. Sometimes boss have the tendency of reminding their colleagues of their past mistakes.

What should be you do?

If your boss has a bullseye targeting you, there are steps that you could take to get out the hot seat. Here are some tips.
Find out why your boss hates your guts
You have to identify the reason why you are stressing your boss. It is either you made a mistake on your task, failed to submit a report on time, or have been absent or late for work without a valid reasons. What you need to do is make sure not to repeat your previous mistake. Make an action plan. Stay committed in achieving it and sure that they are implemented.

Keep your head low and avoid heat by completing your task within timelines without errors. If you are always absent and late make sure to improve your attendance. If you are issue is with the quality of work, make sure to recheck before submitting to be in the good graces of your superior.

The type of work and the workload

There are some type of work that are mostly about routine. Once you master it, it gets boring and you feel uninspired. This will lead to poor performance and productivity. There are also issue of workload. Sometimes you feel swamp with work that you don’t find joy with what you are doing. Here is what you should do.

So if you don’t find any challenge with work, you have to find ways to develop your skills on your free time. You have to set a goal. Let’s say you want to be transferred in Sales, marketing or other department, you have to find ways to get transferred. But off course that won’t happen unless you act.
What should be you do?

First, find job openings in the company. Ask your manager for help. He should be aware what departments are currently hiring. But before you actually apply, you have to develop skills that the new job role needs. For example: If the job role requires knowledge in reporting, then learn excel or powerpoint. If you are interested in Sales or training, you need to develop your communication skills.

Work load

Now for the issue about workload, there are two things that you could do. Develop your skills and develop the skills of others.

What should be you do?

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If you work requires you to complete X number of task in a X hours, learn to finish your work faster. Don’t procrastinate because your work load won’t disintegrate into thin air. Nope that’s not going to happen. Most of the time, we are stressed because we feel we lack time to finish a task. Learn to manage your time to minimize cramming and in turn minimize stress. That is for developing your skills. Keyword here is time management.

Now for developing the skills of others, the reason why this important is so that you can have someone help with your other task. Off loading your task can reduce and helps you focus on your other task.

Off course you have to make sure that you are going to do a pretty good job training your colleague to minimize rework.


Changes are quite common. The most common changes that stresses that employees are changes with their benefits and variable income. Here are some of the changes in the company that are most highly to happen

Medical benefits

Health maintenance organization (HMO) coverage gives an employee piece of mind when they or their dependents get sick. To make it simple, HMO coverage provides coverage for medical bills for check up, hospital confinement and sometimes medicine reimbursement. Coverage differs depending on the coverage plan that your company availed.

So this is a good thing so why are employees stressed about it? Some companies are generous enough to provide full coverage for their employees and their dependents free of charge. While some company shoulder a portion if the coverage while some portion is being paid for by the employee. Also most company has a cap on the medical expenses the HMO covers.
I had an experience where the company covers maternity expenses up to a certain amount but the succeeding year they have removed it completely. Now this did not sit well for female employees.

Variable pay such as overtime, hazard pay and pay bonus are also subject to changes. This is common especially for companies that are on a cost cutting campaign.

What should be you do?

Actually there is nothing you can do about it but let the right people know the right way about your concern. Don’t turn to social media and start ranting. This will make things worse. Fight the urge to post things against the company that will put you in a difficult position. Here are the list of things employees shouldn’t post in social media.
If a lot of employees has expressed their concern, the company might do some changes to compensate for the benefits and variable income that they have either changed or removed completely. Remember you work for the company and the benefits and variable can be changed depending on the resources that the company has.

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Now this is on the top ten list why people leave their job. There are two reasons why people aim for promotion. One is off course the pay increase and second is the new role the they will be having once they move up.
People might deny that the primary reason for aiming for promotion is the pay raise. Who wouldn’t want additional income?
But off course not everybody gets promoted. If promotion is for all the employees then nobody would exert effort to meet their deliverables. Common misperception of employees is that if they stay long enough in a company, then they will get that pay raise and promotion. Sorry to burst your bubble but tenure is not the only requirement for promotion.

A new role could motivate an employee. They will be motivated with their new role as they learn new things. Mentally this boost employee’s morale as they find the new role exciting. Some consider this a clean slate or a new beginning from past failures.

What should be you do?

Getting promoted is not a walk in the park. You have to perform well and build your reputation. This is just like an election. You are measured by your performance. Any bad publicity is bad for you. So make sure to take care of your name. In other words. Don’t screw up! And if you do manage your perception. The more people think that your capable of doing your task, the faster it will be to get promoted.

Closing Note

The most common reason why people start to hate their job is the people around them or the situation that they encountering in the workplace. Most of the time a postive outlook towards work could help you learn to love your work. Remember that the job that you hate so much might be a job that somebody would love to have. Be thankful that you have a job. A lot of people would love to have a means to earn money.

What are your thoughts?

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