Have you ever relied on faith to overcome life’s challenges?

I always wondered why my parents had to rely on faith during times of difficulty. It made me wondered why I never had faith in God when I was younger. It is not that I am an atheist. I did have faith but compared to my parents, mine is not as strong. Is faith a gift not everybody is meant to have? I was bewildered by it. How about you? Have you ever relied on faith to overcome life’s challenges?

When I was in college our family went through a financial crisis. Our family ended losing the house, the van and all the savings my father incurred when he was working abroad. You see after years of working abroad and living alone, my dad wanted to go home and be with us. He found a job in a big construction company. The problem began when he lost his job during the Asian crisis. But he lost more than his job. He lost his self esteem.

For years he felt bitter. He lost his confidence. He tried to find a job but was having a hard time considering his age. I felt sorry for him but I did not blame him. He has been a good provider and nothing can take away the fact that he has been a good father.

During those difficult time he continued to serve the church. They were asked to visit province to preach. And despite the lack of resources he still continued to serve. I never did understand it then. I wondered why he is so commited with his service. His faith never wavered. And that is something that I admire and hope one day I will also have. Faith.
So fast forward years after. He got a job teaching and slowly he regain his confidence. And today he still teaches on the university.

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I was young then. I didn’t fully understand his belief. He lay everything to God. And God has provided our needs. You might say that it was his hard work that help us get pass the financial challenges of our family but it was not the only reason. And now that I have a family of my own I finally understand it. God was behind the will stearing not only my Father’s path but my whole family.

Now that I have my own family, I have my own share of peronal and financial battle. The first part of starting a family is the most difficult ones. We were financially unstable and my wife and I had marital spats. It was difficult. I can’t count the number of times that I felt hopeless. I was in the mercy of our situation. I thought then I had it figured out. But I was wrong. Marriage life is difficult.

But there is one thing that I realized. No matter how much effort you put in solving a problem, it would not get solve if you don’t have faith in God. Life is too difficult without his help.

As a kid, I was asked to join religious youth groups. I was hesitant and sometimes it felt like it was an obligation to please my parents. I attended activities but was not wholehearted. It was peer pressure that got me to attend. But I guess it build my spiritual foundation.

I learned a lot from my parents as well. Although I just realize it now when I have a family of my own. I understand it more since I experienced the difficulty myself. I now understand why their faith is so strong. I envy people who believes in God without going through any difficulties in life. I don’t envy that they didn’t experience any difficulties but I am envy because I had to go through challenges before believing.

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Don’t get me wrong I am not that really the religious type. I don’t really read the bible on a daily basis. I have a online bible app that I seldom use. I try not to miss a Sunday Mass. But I believe that God really exist and when you ask for his help he would listen. He would answer your prayers in due time. There were a lot of times that my situation seems impossible to get pass. I prayed and prayed really hard for his help and he has always answered my prayer. Sure it wasn’t answered right away. It was answered in time. In his time. In my own opinion, I have found proof of God.

But here is the thing. You can’t solve your problems by simple believing in God and asking for a solution to your problem. You would have to act.

For example: If you have financial problems, you can’t just pray and expect it to be solved by doing nothing. It is either you find a job or have another source of income if you already have one. Money would not magically appear if you would not do anything. It doesn’t work like that.

God would not give you money out of nowhere neither would he give the winning combination in a lottery ticket. Well that happens to some people but not everyone.

What are your thoughts?

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