How do you avoid burnout in the workplace?

Have you ever been stress at work? I have gotten a lot stress from work (I feel that I aged a lot because of it) and have encountered times when I feel burnout. Burnout happens everything in your career is spiraling out of control. This is mainly due to the physical, emotional and psychological stress that comes with your responsibility in the workplace. It is pretty common not only in the workplace but all aspect of one’s life. So how do you prevent burnout in the workplace?

Burnout can be cause when the fuel runs out. Fuel is your motivation, psychological, physical and emotional well being. This is normally cause when you too much work on your plate, your stressful colleagues and bosses and even your daily commute.

Here are some steps to prevent burnout

Find a new role

There are people who love what their jobs. But there are some who just comes to the office to pay their rent, shelter and food. Everybody has hear the saying: “Choose a job that you love, and you will not work a day of your life“. But that doesn’t really happen to a lot of people. If you’re job is something that you really love, good for you. If not, do something about it.

When your are employed, you tend to get bored when you are doing the same thing over and over again. You don’t feel challenge. My advice to you is not to find a new job just yet. There are so many things that you have to consider before you go job hunting. find a new role within the company where your would find it challenging. Why stay? There are so many reasons why.

First: You have to make sure that you are financially ready before you quit your job. Can your really afford not getting your regular paycheck? If not consider finding a job within the company first.

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Second: If you are planning to apply to a different company with the same role that you have been working on for years, there is a tendency that you will get burnout as well. My advice is transition to a different role first before you throw away the tenure that you have been building in your current company.

Third: If your boss is a total douche and that is the main reason why you feel that you have to resign, then don’t turn in your resignation paper. There is no gurantee that your next boss is a bigger douche than the one that you got right now.

Go home in time

Most people get burnout because they spend to much time in the office. Logout when you are suppose to logout. Sure you have to sometimes spend extra time in the office to get your work done. But sometimes it is our own fault why we still late in the office. Do you procrastinate? Off course you wouldn’t admit it but most people do sometimes. So how do you stop procrastination and be more productive? Here are some tips.

Think about the end game. What is your daily goal? Mine is to finish in time and go home when I am suppose to go home. So I check the time pretty often to ensure that I have enough time to complete my task. Lessen your coffee and lunch break if you have a lot of workload. It is your own fault if you can’t manage your time and go home late.

Create a task list. This is also called to to- do-list. Call it whatever you want. So when you come to work, the first thing that you have to do is check all the task that you have to do for the day and list them down. Start completing those task and start crossing those suckers out. If you know what I mean. It feels great when you accomplish your task early in the day.

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Manage your distractions. There are so many distractions in the workplace. It is either a call , an email, meeting or your colleague who just want to chat. Manage your distractions well so that you can go home in time.


I know I have been advocating for tenure and been encouraging you to stay with your current company, but there are times that you just have to call it quits. One of the reason is when you live to far from your office. Let’s say going to your office is a good 3 hours commute and another 3 hours going back, that is six hours a day that you are commuting. It is not only tiring but also not cost effective.

Try to find a place to rent first. But if the rent is high and the cost of living is high as well, might as well try to find a new place. The daily commute could be a factor why you would eventually hit your limit and get burnout.

Find a hobby

Do something outside of your work. If you like playing video games, then go play after work. Emphasis on “after work”. If you don’t within office hours, it is not only unethical but it is time that you should be spending completing your task. And in the end you have to extend and stay late in the workplace.

If you won’t to learn how to dance, then go get dancing lessons. If you want to play the guitar, get an instructor or learn from Youtube. If you wan to get in to shape, join a Gym or play sports. Whatever yo choose to do, learn a new skill so that you can relax.

Learning new skills doesn’t help you relax but these are skills that help you get notice in the workplace. You have to be either the basketball guy, guitar guy or whatever guy to get notice. You have to have a thing to get notice.

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Set your mindset

Setting your mindset is very crucial to avoid burnout. If you think that all of your task is difficult or your goal is impossible to achieve then it would be difficult to reach you goal.

For example your goal is to get promoted at work, if you think that it is impossible for you to get that promotion then it won’t happen. So instead of thinking negatively about promotion, find ways to get promoted. As your manager tips and what they expect to get that promotion.

Having the wrong mindset at work specifically what you think about your job, would have big impact whether you’ll get burnout with your job.

Take care of your body

You know that when you are sick, you are sluggish and most of the time in a bad mood. Not getting enough rest would have a great effect on your performance and would definitely make it faster for you to burnout. So get enough sleep. Take your break when you are in the office. You don’t get plus points when you don’t take your break.

What are your thoughts?

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