How to increase website traffic without spending money

This post does not have any affiliate links. These are for bloggers who are just starting out and does not have money to shell out to increase website traffic. If you are one of those people, this post is for you. This is a beginner’s guide on how to increase your website traffic without spending money.

Let’s begin!

Facebook groups

There are lot of group that helps out fellow bloggers in their blogging journey. Simply join the group and get tips on how to increase your traffic. I gain Facebook, pinterest and website view from the following facebook group. You might want to check it out.

Since Facebook is one of the most used social media site, it is would good for your traffic to join their group.

Here are some of the groups that you should join

So what happens when you join the following groups? Well nothing. Nothing if you don’t engage with fellow bloggers. They have daily post asking bloggers to either post your blog post url, or facebook, pinterest, instragram and other social media accounts. Make sure to follow the rules though or your post will be deleted.

Pinterest group boards

Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media site that could help increase your traffic.

The great thing about pins is that it stays visible longer compared to a facebook post. You could still get visitors to your site through a post that you have pin a months back.

The great thing about a group board is your pin is visible to all the followers of that board. So if a certain group has around 10k followers so that means a portion of the 10k will be able to see your pin.

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Here is the list of pinterest group boards that you could join.


You’ve heard content is king right? That is true but instead of just making a post ensure to create regular post and have a edited photo with every post. You see it doesn’t matter if you joined many facebook or pinterest group if your are not going to add fresh post to them. Just make sure to create one post a day if possible or every other day at least.

To create great post photo, check out my previous post about blogging apps you need on your smartphone.

So here the thing, after hitting 500 page view this month, I kinda lay low (a.k.a. lazy as shit) and the increase in my page view kinda slowed down. I wasn’t making any new blog post to share. Sure you can post the same blog post that you had before but the people would recognize it amd not click your link. So fresh post is always the best.


Set a goal

My goal is to exceed my monthly views each month. This is my gauge on how much my website traffic is growing. As of today website views has exceeded the number of views last month by 100% and I am aiming to hit at least a thousand views this month. This month’s website view has been the highest since I started this blog and it is just only half of the month. Fingers crossed. So hopefully my website traffic next month would by higher than the other months.

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I get excited when my website views exceed the previous day, week or month. So set a goal on how much website traffic you wish to have.

As of May 22, 2018, I had 690 page view this month. That is almost double the 383 page views that I had a few months ago. Please note that I paid facebook to boost my post back then. This.month it is all FREE traffic. I hope to reach 1000 page views and increase the number of followers in my Pinterest accountand Facebook page. So help a brother out.

Update as of May 25, 2018. I wrote this article last May 17 and had around 138 page view so far. I have been posting this this article in facebook groups and pinterest group boards. I hope to reach 1000 page views this month or more.

I know it is considerably small page views compared to other blogs out there. But I am setting my own pace. I am happy how this month is going and hopefully would do better next month.

Closing note

So what did I do differently?

  • I post more often. The more new post that I create, the more post that I can share.
  • I created longer blog post. Reader would stay longer in website.
  • I use the keyword planner more. Before I create a post I check the relevant keywords that I could use for my topic.
  • I joined more facebook group and Pinterest group board and added new content as much as I can. Before I just pin old post to new Pinterest group board that I joined which limiting my share.
  • I lessen my search on videos and post on how to increase my traffic and make money online.
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For the first few months I was focusing on my pinterest account and Facebook Page. I wasn’t creating much content. I think that is why my page view did not increase the way I wanted it.

Also I have been doing a lot of research on how to improve website traffic and making money online. My brain got saturated and instead of focusing on content I was spending a lot of time doing research instead of actually doing something about my blog.

Update: November 13, 2018

In wrote this post last May 2018 and if you can see in the picture, May was a good month and my website traffic has been consistently above the 800 monthly page view. That may be a small accomplishment to some people but considering that I don’t regularly update my blog post and my views has been increasing, that is a huge win. I hope to increase my website traffic more and hopefully apply for an ads network called Mediavine next year.

Hope all goes well and I will surely update this post.


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