Increase your visitors to your site while making money online on the side with Juanads

Are you trying to increase your visitors to your online shop, your website or blog? Are you trying to find a way to make money online? Here is a site where you can have both.

Why don’t you try juanads? You can drive visitors to your site and make money on the side with PPC and referrals just to name a few. There are 12 ways to earn in total.

Here is how:

1. Direct referrals

You can earn money from referring people. If you have a free account, you can gain $1 for every referral who avails starter membership and $2 for every premium account.

If you upgraded your account, commission for starter would be $2 and $4 for premium.Ill explain the upgrades later.

2. Point Bonus

You can earn 150 points for every direct referral that you could get. You will also earn 50% points from the total accumulated points of your direct referral.Once you reached 200 points, your points will be converted to $4.


You refered someone lets call him referral A and referral A got a referral lets call him referral B. If referral B got 5000 points. Referral A would get 50% of the 5000 points of referral B which is 2500 points and you will get 50% of 2500 points from referral A. 

3. Indirect referrals

Earn $0.10 – $1.00 for your indirect referrals up to your 10th level. So start referring as much as you can for more earnings.

4. 5th referral bonus

Get 250 tickets for every 5th person you invite. Tickets can be redeemed in Juanads store for mobile phones, tablets and other cool gadgets.

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Please note this is only available for premium members.

5. Sales rebate

You can get as much as 75% sales rebate from team purchase from the first to the tenth when they purchase advertisement.


If 5 members of your first level purchases $2 each worth of advertisement, you will get 20% of the total sales Increase your visitors to your site while earning money on the side with Juanads which equals to $2.

This is only available for upgraded accounts.

6. Fast start bonus

If you can refer 20 premium direct referrals account within 31 days after you sign up then you will get $100.

7. Profit Sharing

Refer 5 direct premium every month and you will qualify for the profit Sharing.

Please note that this is only available for premium account.

8. PPC and Promo ads

Get paid by viewing ads from $0.001 – $0.01 per ads. This would only take around 25 seconds per ads.

You can also earn between $1 – $10 for promo from juanads sponsor advertisers.

This is only available for starters and premium accounts.

9. PPC Referral clicks commissions.

Get 50% commission for clicks from your 1st – 5th level referral for premium accounts. You get 20% for direct referral click if you have a starter.

The cost to upgrade to starter is Php900 and Php1500 for premium accounts. This may cause a bit but upgrading your account will allow more benefits and more earnings.

Aside from that you can gain traffic by buying advertisement via juanads. What are you waiting for?

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Join juanads today to start earning and improve the number of visitors from your site.

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