Looks like Marvel Avengers will wipe the floor with Justice League

When the new trailer of Marvel Avengers Infinity War was released a few days ago, Marvel fans went nuts and with a good reason. Did you see how many characters are assembling for the movie? And people can’t wait to see who is going to kick the bucket as there have been many fan theories going around the internet. But if you are going to base it on the comics, everyone would die in the story. But wait in the Comics, they will be resurrected.

Marvel’s 10 year experiment would come to an end with the latest Avengers movie coming out in May 2018. It seems that the gamble would pay out really well. Fans from both Marvel and DC couldn’t stop comparing the superhero mash up from both universe.

What went wrong with the Justice League Movie? Here is the thing. They didn’t have time to catch up with Marvel’s momentum. Marvel had years head start with standalone movies released within the last decade. While for Justice League, this is the first time we will see Aqua man, flash and Cyborg in the big screen.  The character has not been established. Not to mention that Ben Affleck just started taking the role as Batman since Batman Versus Superman. If it was Christian Bale who is donning the cape in might have a made a difference. The only thing going for DC is the success of Gal Gadot’s standalone Wonder woman movie.

For Marvel it is a different story. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and the other characters in the Marvel cinematic Universe had been established before the first Avengers movie. It was only Mark Ruffalo who joined the cast without a standalone movie but the fans don’t seem to mind. Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy were not connected with the Avengers in the Movies but both were already established and had its own fan base. See it just took only one movie took make people associate Benedict Cumberbatch with Doctor Strange. Just like what they did with Wonder woman which seems to be one of the good things going for DC. Keyword here is Origin Story.

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I think DC is doing a better job in TV with the Arrowverse crossover with shows like Arrow, the flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow. They should learn from that. Going back to Justice League, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. If I have a choice to watch it again in a Cinema, I would pass and rather wait for it to come out on DVD for my collection. I guess I was expecting and wanted more not to mention that they tried to keep it a secret that Superman would be resurrected which the worse keep secret ever.

Now here is the thing with the upcoming Avengers movie. All of the movies in the Marvel universe are connected, well almost all. We are greatly missing X-men and Fantastic Four. Well maybe X-men as Fantastic four need a rehaul (a very big one).

Let’s go back to fan theories who is going to die in the Marvel Avengers infinity war. Captain America should have die in Civil war, Robert Downey Jr. has been open with his desires of giving up the Iron Man Role for years, in the comics Thor would also die and so would the rest of the ensemble. With the resurrection card in play (if they are going to base it on the comics), would Robert Downey Jr. stay as Iron Man in the next few years and Chris Evan continue to be Captain America (consider he has only a few movies left in his contract?) We will just have to wait and see.

Well let’s not give up on DC just yet. They still have a lot of movies line up to try to catch up with Marvel. I guess one of the things missing with the Justice League is the number of superheroes in the film. Overall if you are comparing Justice League with the Avengers, it is no competition as of this time. Give it a few more years then it might be a different story.