Make Money Online with Aurora Mine

So have you heard about the latest bitcoin mining site that guarantees return of your investment in 10 days? Yup that’s right! You can get back your invest in 10 days and get double your investment in 20 days! But before your start investing your hard earn money, there should be a few things that you have to consider.

First what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a online currency or cryptocurrency that is making a lot of buzz in the internet. Other cryptocurrency are Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple just to name a few.

Bitcoin price last year was around Php30,000 per bitcoin. Today it is ranging up to Php 287,000 per coin. That is a high increase in value in a short period of time. That is why people are now interested in the Bitcoin rather than investing on the conventional medium of investments.

Aurora mine promises return of investment in 10 days

So what does that mean? It simple means that if you invest $10,000, you can withdraw the same amount on the 10th day. You will earn 10% of your initial investment starting on the 11th day meaning you could double your investment on the 20th day. Easy money! But whether your investment is safe, that is a completely different matter that I will discuss later.

They don’t have any withdrawal and Deposit charge

The site is generous enough not to charge their clients when they are withdrawing and depositing their investment. The seems strange as we all know most company charges a certain amount when they are processing a customer request.

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No Hassle to join the program

All you need to do to join Aurora mine is an email address and a coin wallet which you can register later on. No other documents are needed or you don’t need to add your billing address or contact number. This seems peculiar as it is very easy to create an account.

You can earn from your referral

You can earn more when you refer others. According to the site, they offer 10% of your referral’s mining power. So combine that with your owning mining power and that is surely one happy wallet.


Closing Note

So here is the thing. I searched the web and there are a lot of websites that considers  Aurora mine legit while some consider it as a scam. The fast return of investment period and the high interest rate is surely tempting. However you should be careful when you are investing your money. You should test the waters first as the site was only created 26 days ago. My advice is invest on money that you can afford to lose. Assess your risk appetite. If you are willing to risk it then I guess you could go ahead. Click here to join Aurora mine.

I have invested a total of Php 1,500. I was able to double the money in 20 days. Aurora mine pays definitely as of this writing. Until when they would be able to pay theiir customers is another matter. It is surely tempting as on a daily basis new customers are signing up. A colleague of mine at work invested a total Php13,000. He currently on his 8th day. I will provide updates once he reaches the 20th day. I will provide details if he would get back and double his money. Until then, thanks for dropping by and Screw on Monday.

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By the way you would need a coin wallet to deposit and withdraw your bitcoins. I recommend click here. 

Update: 10/28/2017

I have been try to access my account for days but the site doesn’t seem to exist and totally inaccessible. According to some sites, the free bitcoin cloud mining site was hack and decided not to pay their customer. From the start it was too good to be true. A means to double your money should have been a warning sign. High gain has always has high risk.

So regarding my colleague from work, he lost his investment. Php13,000 down the drain. Ouch! Again when investing keep in mind that you should only invest in what you can afford to lose. Moral lesson is if something is too good to be true, first thing you have to do is research and invest wisely and carefully. There are so many sites that promises free bitcoins. If you come across another bitcoin mining site, make sure ti be careful.

So is Auroramine a scam? It seems that way. I’ll provide update regarding Auroramine. I hope that it goes up again so that those who invested big amount of money would have a chance to get their money back. If it does, pull your money out quickly.