A month after the Smoking Ban in the Philippines

Weeks after the implementation of the smoking ban, Filipino smokers are faced with difficulties of their smoking addiction.

The smoking ban prohibits smoking in public places specifically in school, goverment facilities, work place, establishments that provide foods and drink, playground, sports centers, church grounds, hospitals, transportation terminals, markets, resorts, waiting shed, walkways or sidewalks, elevator, stairwells, fire hazard places and public transportation.
So to make it simple smoking is ban almost everywhere. The only place that you could smoke is in your house.
Second hand smoke inhalation is lessen which is mostly beneficial for non-smokers. The new smoking policy aims to provide smoke free environment in public and enclosed places. 
My friends who smokes in the office are considering taking nicotine patch or nicotine gum to help them stop smoking. But all smokers know that it would not be easy to quit smoking. 
Generally speaking there are only a few people smoking in public area as the fines would range from Php500 to Php10,000 depending on the violation. There are still some who smoke in public but the significant decrease is undeniable. 
Altough Vape is not mentioned in the smoking ban executive order 26, people are not willing to smoke vape in public. 
There has been significant decrease in number of people drinking in bars since it is difficult for smokers to drink without smoking. In school campus and  near its vicinity, selling of tobacco products has been banned as well.
Closing note
The new smoking ban is a good thing whether you are a smoker or not. is Giving up smoking is not easy but it is not impossible either. It has to be gradual though. The problem with the new executive order is implementation of the law. There are not enough enclosed designated smoking area. People are always guessing what is not included and which are covered under the new smoking legislation. The Department of Health should ramp up their smoking cessation program to help Filipino smokers.
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