Everyone wants to get promoted at work. Whether it is for the job title or additional money going to their pockets, all employees want it. Let make me it clear. Everyone wants the money but not everybody wants the additional workload. Not everybody every get the job elevation that theyRead More →

I always wondered why my parents had to rely on faith during times of difficulty. It made me wondered why I never had faith in God when I was younger. It is not that I am an atheist. I did have faith but compared to my parents, mine is notRead More →

When you ask people what do they need to succeed they would say two things: Great mindset and determination. Can you really be successful with just one or do you need both? So what is the difference between great mindset and determination when it comes to success? When my bossRead More →

I wrote a post about the 6 skills that you need to get ahead with your career. Now there are 4 important skills that you need to get notice in the workplace. So are you wondering if the countless hours that you spent in your hobbies will be worth it?Read More →

This post contains affiliate links which may give me a small commision click here for my disclosure policy It’s 2018. Gone are the days when facebook wall is filled with bitcoin news. Are you too late for the bitcoin party? In a manner of speaking yes the party is windingRead More →

A few years back, the option to work at home is limited. Now people are embracing the idea of traffic free work since they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to earn a living. Working at home is now becoming common. But have you heard of livingRead More →

The smartphone is a very useful tool. It can help your productivity. You can install an app that could help you be more productive like a timer, calender or a spreadsheet. Instead of bringing your laptop, a smartphone comes in handy. You could also install a dictionary when you encounterRead More →

I love reading books but that wasn’t always the case. You could say that I am a late bloomer. I just started reading books when I started working. I guess I was too busy with watching tv shows, playing video games and learning to play the guitar when I wasRead More →

Ideally an aspiring blogger should have a laptop or a desktop computer. But you don’t any of the two that is still fine. So can you blog by just using your mobile phone? Yes you can! Here are some tips for blogging using a mobile phone.  Have a reliable phone WhatRead More →

Almost everyone dreams of having a place they would call home. Unfotunately a lot of people has fallen to debt ruining their creit standing. That being said it would be difficult to get bank loan for a new home if you have a bad credit standing. So the question nowRead More →