What is Screw Monday?

The journey to success is meaningless if you won’t make stop overs to relax and have fun!

I was raised with idea that a good  education would lead to a good career and in turn a good life. So after graduation, I created my resume and started my job search. I was hired by a good company and stayed for 9 years. But reality kicked in and I realized that the corporate jungle is not as I have imagined.

Everybody hates Monday! Most people do. Admit it! It simple means that you have to get your ass out of bed and get to work.

Before you click back button, this blog is not about some dude’s personal rant about his work.

Nope it is the other way around.

To enjoy life work balance, your financial, relational, physical, professional and spiritual needs has to be nurtured. You might be wondering if why life came before work in my previous sentence. Although it should be balance, we tend to prioritize work before life. I think it should be the there way around. What is the point of getting ahead in work if you don’t have a life outside the office.

I hope to remedy that with post regarding Career, personal finance, health, parenting and make money outside your 9-5 work.

So again thanks for dropping by and I do hope you come back for more.

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Live life and screw Monday!