How to stop procrastination and be more productive

Procrastination is common for a lot of people. We tend to put off a task for a latter time due to many reason. So how do we stop procrastination?

We always think that when a person procrastinate, he is lazy. But it is not simply the case. Procrastination is more of an emotional problem rather than a psychological one.

Procrastination is not an intentional delaying of task because a procrastinator knows that it would be problematic in the long run. People who put off their task knows for a fact that it is going to bite them in the ass when they delay doing something instead of working on it right away.

So why do they even do that? It is simple. People delay task that they find boring to do things that they love to do to improve their mood. It is a temporary escape from the problems that they face. The temporary elevation of their mood comes with guilt and anxiety as they would realize that Procrastination comes with a big price.

So how do you stop procrastination? There are so many tips out there that offers solution to procrastination. Most tips are focused on time management as a solution. You would here Pomodoro technique being thrown around as a solution. Though some focus on a mindset change as a solution.

Here are some of the ways to beat procrastination:

The simplest way to stop procrastination is to change your mindset

Having a vision of relaxation

To stop procrastination, you can simply close your eyes and create a vision of a stress free day.

You have a long list of task that you need to complete. You start getting discourage with the prospect of spending long hours to finish all the projects and task that is piling up. What does your brain tell you? You need to relax before beginning the task of crossing out the items on your list. This is when procrastination kick in. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? So what do you do?

Imagine yourself finishing all your task

Remember the time that you put off doing the task in front of you. And then before you know it, there another task that you need to do and then another until you work is piled up. Remember how that feels? It sucks right? Remember that feeling. Remember it well because that is exactly what you will be feeling if you keep repeating the cycle and don’t stop procrastination.

Now Imagine a time when everything that you need to do has been completed. You have completed them ahead of time. You having a stress free work day waiting for you. Don’t you feel awesome? You do right? Remember that feeling and make sure that you always aim for that feeling. Trivial isn’t it? But it is completely possible!

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Organize your task list

What I normally do is create a task list and rank the task based on the difficulty and the time that it would take to complete them. I normally work on difficult task first so that I could relax on the latter part of my work day. But this is always not the case. There are times that I work on the easy task first to boost my mood. Crossing out a task in your list help you improve mood significantly especially when the task is difficult to complete.

No matter how you decide on which task you to start working on first, the important thing is you create a task list. And make sure that everything that you need to work on is on the list . You don’t want to start crossing your list and realize that you have a complex work that you forgot to put on the list have to work  on right away. This would break your momentum and want ever great feeling that you are starting feel would be replaced with a feeling of stress. So again create a complete task list.

There are technique that are more specific in dealing on how to stop procrastination. Here are some:


Pomodoro  is a time management technique that breaks work into intervals called Pomodoro using a timer. Normally intervals would last for 25 minutes.

The first step is to choose a task you want to complete. Set the timer to 25 minutes and begin working on the task. Once the first interval (Pomodoro) is done, take a 3 to 5 minutes break. Repeat the steps for the first three Pomodoros. After the 4th Pomodoro take a 15 to 30 minute break.

If you haven’t completed your task after the long break, go back to the first step. Keep repeating the process until you complete the task that you are working on completed all the task on your to do list.

The goal of Pomodoro is to help you stay focus on the task during each 25 minute Pomodoro. This helps you manage distraction so that you can complete your task and be more productive.

So what do you do if there are distractions? Pomodoro teaches steps to manage interruptions.

1. Inform 

Inform the person that you are currently working on something

2. Negotiate

Set up a latter time to deal with the issue that the person needs help with.

3. Callback

Tell the person that you are done with your task and you are ready to help them.with their concern.

Off course there are interruptions that you have to deal with right away. Stop the Pomodoro and Begin the process from the start once you are done helping them with their concern.

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Now I started working using Pomordoro recently. I am juggling with studying Six sigma and trying to write a post. Before I was doing both at the same time. The problem with that is tend to move from one task to the other. Most of the time, I spend less time on task that the other. Since I keep on switching between, I tend to not complete any of them.

With the use of Pomodoro, it helps me focus at one task at a time. Last I started working on studying. I turned off my mobile phone and just started reading and writing. I haven’t been that focus on a task before. It is simple, the time helps a lot. Remember when you need to complete a task when you are near your deadline. You actually get to finish it and less time compared to when you are pressured. The timer works almost the same way without the additional stress of completing your Pomodoro within 25 minutes.

I actually downloaded a Pomodoro app from google play and installed it in my phone and it has been a great help with my concentration. Just head over google playstore install the app in your android phone.


The Procrastination Fix

Here is a product that claims to help stop procrastination for good. I just started working on it using the steps that they are recommending and I have to say that I am really impressed. That has improved my productivity in just a few days. Here are some preview what the course offers:

1. The “Divide and Conquer” mind hack

This help you divide the your task into tiny segments to make it easy for you to actually start on the task and complete it in no time.

2. The “Three Buckets” mind hack

This helps you create very effective “to-do list”. This is something similar to what I was talking about earlier in the post but more detailed.

3. The “Starting line” Mind hack

This help you how to start working on the task that you have been putting off.

4. The “Perfectionist” Mind hack

We normally put off things because we feel that we are not capable of doing the task. This helps overcome that thinking and gives you the push that you need to complete the work that you need.

5. The ” 15 minute” mind hack

Something similar to Pomodoro but with shorter period. This trick you mind in starting on your task and concentrate on completing them.

6. The “Carrot” mind hack

This will help you get out of a slump and keep you motivated. This mind hack is highly effective and get your goals done in no time/.

7. The “Zen” mind hack

This help you focus on competing your task and deal with distraction effectively. The goal is to make your mind clear and focus on the task on hand to complete it in no time

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8. The ” Under Pressure” mind hack

With a little effort on your part, this will help you stop procrastination with the help of people around you. This will help complete task on time even if you are not the type of person who actually get task done ahead of time.

The product also help you identify the triggers for your procrastination and what you should do once you realize once you are about to procrastinate, helps you deal with distraction effectively and helps you build up your motivation to get things done. There are also bonus material on the how millionaire thinks and the mindset that they use to build their fortune.

Want to know more on how to stop putting off your task and stop procrastination for good? Click here to learn more on how to beat that procrastination habit.

Alright I want to be upfront, when you click on the link and actually buy the product, I would get a small commission. But that is not the reason why I am promoting The procrastination fix. It actually works. This is coming from a certified procrastinator. I have been looking for ways to help solve the stop procrastination for quite some time and this is quite effective and highly recommended. If you purchase the product that would be awesome. If not, that is just fine. No worries.


Closing Note

There are different causes of procrastination. One thing for sure is that no one can help you stop it but yourself. If you want to do the things that you love to do without the guilt and worrying about working on the task that you have put off, then start identifying the causes an make action plans to solve your procrastination problem. Don’t expect that your procrastination habit would just go away by itself, it won’t. You have to work hard so that you could be more productive and have more time to enjoy things that you love to do.

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