Friday coffee filled travels


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Friday is the archnemesis of Monday. Thank God it’s Friday! There are so many reasons why I am rejoicing. Aside from the fact that it is a long weekend (Thank you UK bank holiday), I get to go home to my wife and kid. You see I only get to see them on the weekend because my workplace is a good two and half hours commute from my residence. Hence the long distance relationship.

So as I wait for the bus to leave for my destination, I was contempletaing whether to play mobile legends or just listen to music. I decided to write this blog post instead. Aside from the fact that writing is more productive, playing mobile legends while traveling is not a good idea as the internet connection would suck like hell. I’ll get nastiest comments from players who are mostly kids who are pass their bedtime for being AFK (away from keyboard).

It’s been 10 minutes and I am still waiting for this bus to leave. The Kopiko 78 degrees that I drank before I left the office is now kicking in. Kopiko is 240 ml cold coffee beverage that would make your heart palpitate like a energizer bunny on crack! It served its purpose and now all I want for it is to get the ···· out my system. I drank it because I was sleepy just one hour into my work shift and what use would I be then? I heard so many stories that drinking too much Kopiko has side effects. I am not sure how true those stories are but for me drinking 1 bottle makes me feel funny. I wonder what will happen if I had two? I saw this post in facebook that a girl got hospitalized for drinking 2 bottle of that coffee heaven. Don’t know if it is true though.

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Going back. The bus finally left. Luckily this time I am seated. You see sometimes if I am really in a hurry I would choose to ride a bus even if I’ll just be standing all the through out the trip. Two hours and a half of knee breaking hell. Just imagine when you are riding the MRT and there are no seats available. It is a skill to balance yourself while the train is moving. That is more difficult when you are on the bus. I am developing a new talent. Sleeping will standing. So far I almost slapped someone on their face when my hand slip from the rail. So that is not going well. Anybody got an ebook for that?

The gentlemen in me keeps on telling me to give my seat to the elderly, those with children or women. I don’t pretend that I am sleeping when I see someone who needs the seat more than me like others do. Promise! Cross my heart! Stop judging me! Hahaha!

So the bus is now moving really slowly. It is still traffic and it is around 10:45 PM. Is there a midnight sale that I don’t know about? Add the fact the bus is still picking up passengers even though there are no seats available. Why don’t they make a Law Prohibiting Bus for having standing passengers? Oh well.

So there is dude standing next to me who smells like a chico fruit. It’s a common phrase for Filipinos that a drunk person smells like chico. To be honest I don’t know what chico smells like. Anyone willing to tell me whether it is true that a drunk person really smells like chico?

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So right now my phone is tilted a bit a way from his view. If he does see what I am typing, then he is not that drunk enough. Hahaha! I don’t why I am paranoid. Maybe it’s that Kopiko causing my palpitation or maybe I am just a paranoid to begin with. Who knows.

So we are on NLEX. That is free way and a faster route compared to the service road. The bus is almost at 88 miles per hour. I am just waiting for the streak of lights and we will be traveling through time. I know what you’re thinking that’s impossible. They were able to shove a Flux Capacitor in train don’t you think they can’t do it with a bus?

Oh shit! Traffic again I guess we won’t travel in time after all. Wait a minute let me just check Waze. Where is that congestion that this app is talking about? 500 meters seriously? Where? Where? Where? Unreliable ····!

So we are moving fast again. Yehey! Hope there is no traffic all the way. I really need to take a leak. I wanted to go earlier but I didn’t have any coins on me earlier. I was afraid that the dude guarding the comfort room would slap me with the 500 peso that I have. 5 pesos for a leak and 10 pesos for making an offering to the porcelain throne (I just saw these creative euphemism for taking a dump. Extremely hilarious! Check it out). But that just commericialism at it s best! Why would I pay money for a service that is suppose to be free.

Anyway back to the story. I lost the train of thought since read the blog post from the top for editing. Bad idea!.

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Hmmm. Ahh now I remember. Where am I? Did I take the right bus? Oh yeah I did. The bus conductor didn’t me to get off the bus.

I am really sleeply. My soul is about to leave my earthly body. You know that sounds funnier in tagalog (Filipinos can relate). That adrenaline kick that the Kopiko gave me running low.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Ahh there is a signage. Emergency parking 500 meters. Nope that not the one I am looking for. Wait for it! There you go! San Fernando 11 Kilometers. Just a few more.

These dude next to me is yawning to point that his jaw might break. The other person on my side is currently head banging while asleep.

Word count check: 1020 words. Not bad for a post that I did out of boredom. Oh well I almost at my stop. Until next time!

Thanks for dropping by and Screw Monday!

P.S. What title would I use for this post? I am too tired and sleepy to think about it. Thanks again!

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