5 Tips for blogging using a mobile phone

Ideally an aspiring blogger should have a laptop or a desktop computer. But you don’t any of the two that is still fine. So can you blog by just using your mobile phone? Yes you can! Here are some tips for blogging using a mobile phone. 

Have a reliable phone

What do I mean about that? Does reliable mean expensive. No it doesn’t! It doesn’t have to be brand specific. However you need a phone high memory, big RAM, big screen size, great mobile data connectivity and a good camera. 

You need a big memory to save pictures or install application on your phone. The RAM would determine how fast your apps would work. The bigger the RAM, the less lag you would encounter. A great data connectivity would help you connect to the net faster. This would be good if you need.to search information on the web. Having a good camera is not really require but this more of a bonus. I don’t I need to emphasize how important it is to have good photos or videos in your blog .

Blogging application 

In order for you to blog using your phone you need the following applications.

Blogging platform applications

If you are using wordpress as your preferred blogging platform you can download the.wordpress app by click here. That is if you are using android. If you are using blogger click here. By the way this is not the official app but this app is way better than the official blog

Since I am using wordpress, sometime I make final changes using a browser. There is an option to view the readibility and seo rating using a browser.

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Picmonkey is an app that you could use to create images for your blog post. Canva is way better but normally you can’t install it on your smartphone. Click here to install picmonkey.

Social Media app

Pinterest is a great app to drive traffic. I suggest you install the app and create an account and then join group boards.

Facebook and Twitter are two other applications that could increase your traffic. On facebook create a page for your website, increase your followers to increase your traffic.

Off course there are a lot more social media sites that you can join like youtube,tumbler and reddit. Personally I don’t use it that’s why it is not part of my list. But a lot of people have great sucees with driving traffic and making money online with blogging using these social media sites.

Also it is recommended to focus on a few first, grow the number of followers in the site instead of trying to grow all at the same time.

Keyword planner

There are two sites that I go to when I create my post. The first one is the google keyword planner and the second one is snappa.

I use keyword planner or better known as adwords, to get a keyword for a particular topic. This is good for SEO and would help your post rank better. They have a google app however I prefer accessing it via browser. I would also recommend you to use a keyword researcher tool to help you organize your keyword. I have been using this and has help my keyword searches a lot easier.

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Stock Photo

The snappa link above is for a list of website that offers royalty free photos. This would make your post look way better. People tend to read a post if they have a good photo.

Closing Note

It is more advisable to use desktop or a laptop. For one it is easier to typw using a computer. Second it would be more challenging to do changes like lets say change a html code on your website.

I use my smartphone when I write post but for making some changes the appearance on the website I still prefer doing it.using a computer.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for dropping by and screw monday!