Want to get a passport without an appointment in the Philippines?

It’s all over the news. A lot of people are having difficulties with DFA passport appointment process. You would need to get an appointment online to apply for a passport. The problem is, you have to wait for months to set for an appointment since all the slots have been filled up.  So how do you get a passport without an appointment in the Philippines?

The Department of Foreign Affairs has set up a system wherein you would have to set an appointment online before go to their office to be able to apply. This has caused a lot of inconvenience to a lot of Filipinos especially those who needs to travel outside the country and needs to renew their passport. Here are some of the ways that you can get a passport without an appointment in the Philippines.

Walk in

You can simply visit a DFA office without an appointment and they would accommodate your application as long as you meet one of the criteria.

  1. Senior Citizen – You need to present an Senior Citizen ID
  2. Person with Disability (PWD) – If you have a PWD ID or visible disability they would accommodate you.
  3. Solo Parent – Present your Solo Parent ID when you visit DFA
  4. Pregnant women – You need a medical certificate to be accommodated.
  5. Minor below 7 years – If you have a child less than 8 years old, they can accommodate your application. Bring medical certificate and if you are married bring a marriage certificate. Both documents have to be from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). NSO documents would not be accepted.
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Those are the basic criteria to apply for a passport without an appointment. But there are other criteria as well but they are not being accommodated in all DFA offices.  Here are sme of the reason.

  1. Regular Government employees
  2. Dependents of government employees (spouse, parents and unmarried children)
  3. Incumbent government officials
  4. Retired Government employees (must avail within one year after retirement)
  5. Barangay chairman, Barangay Kagawad and SK Chairman.
  6. Endorsement from DFA employees or head of Government agencies.
  7. Media personnel (must get endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU)
  8. Endorsement from House of Representative (must secure endorsement from DLLU (Department Legislative Liaison Unit) of the DFA

Before you go running to DFA office make sure that you have the complete requirements for Passport renewal of first time application. So what are the requirements to get a DFA passport? Here it is:

  1. At least one Valid ID (not expired) to get the complete list click here
  2. Expiring or expired passport
  3. Birth Certificate (PSA)
  4. Marriage Certificate (PSA) – If you are married, this is a must. Also if you will walk-in and bring your child (who is below 7 years old) you would need to bring this.
  5. Duly accomplished Application form. Click here to download the form.

All birth certificate and marriage certificate must be original and from PSA. They would not accept NSO birth certificate and Marriage certificate. All you need copies of your documents. make sure to photocopy them before visiting their office.If you are not in a rush you can simply set an DFA passport appointment online. Click here. 

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I have heard of other stories where people had to pay travel agency to set up an appointment. And the fees where ridiculously high. But since this has been all over the news in the last few days, this option might not be available.

There were some people who had to travel to DFA offices in the province which doesn’t get a lot of passport application just to get their DFA passport. I had a friend who visited the Palawan DFA office since there were not a lot of people who were applying. But she had to pay for the airfare. That is how desperate she was since she had a business trip abroad.

I just recently had mine renewed without an appointment and I was surprised that it wasn’t that difficult since I brought my 7 year old kid when I applied for the passport. Click here for my experience when I renewed my passport just this January 3, 2018.