Want to know how to become a blogger and make money online from scratch? Here is how.

You might have come across words and phrase like: blog, blogger, and make blogging online. And you might have read an article or watch a video on youtube about how people are making their blogs money making machines.

So you might be asking yourself if that thing you’ve read or seen is for real. Yes! You can make money from blogging. But here is the kicker. If making money online with blog is easy, then  lot of people will be rich.

There are so many people who tried blogging and failed. Heck this is already my second blog and my first blog did not earn as much income as much as I wanted. You need dedication and bucket load of effort and patience to make your blog successful. So how do that? Here is how.

Make a plan

Planning is required for blogging. You can’t start a blog with a half baked idea. So what do I mean about that? You have to decide a niche that you want to write about. A niche is a topic that you are interested about and can write a lot of post about the topic. For Screw Monday, I write topics relating to improving your career so that you can get that high paying job that you really want and other ways to make money with side hustle.

One of mistakes that I made with my first blog is that I wasn’t targeting a specific niche. I would just write any topics that I wanted. It didn’t know about SEO and website ranking then and how to be an authority site where people would consider visiting really often. So before you start your blog pick a good niche.

Do your research for  . . .


Once you’re done picking a niche, it is time to dedicate time with research. What are you going to research about? You have to find out if people are actually searching your niche on the web. What is the point of writing numerous post if nobody is even interested in your topic? You can use a keyword planner to find out how often people are searching your niche and if there is a lot competition. Let’s say you into movies and TV Series. It would be difficult to beat established website like rotten tomato in website ranking.

I would recommend google’s keyword planner called adwords. It is very easy to use and it is free. There are other keyword planner that you could use but most of thee time they are asking for a fee if you want to use their service. There are other free keyword planner tool that are free but you are limited to only a few search per day.

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Note: You would also need adwords to search for keywords when you are writing a post. This would improve SEO and would help your post to rank better. In other words this would make your post more searchable in the net.


So you have done your research for your niche. Now you have to search if there are products being sold for your topic. When do I mean about that. Let’s say you want to write about shoes. Are there a lot of company that sells shoes online? If so, are there a lot of site that offers affiliate marketing for shoes?

I’ll discuss affiliate marketing later. But the basic gist of it, there are a lot of company that would offer you commission if you promote their product.

A good product to sell online are gadgets such as mobile phone, headphone and other accessories. However you have to keep in mind that there are a lot of sites that are targeting this product. The ideal product for affiliate marketing is a product that a lot of people searching for and has less competition.

Choose a good name for your blog

Why would you even bother choosing a good name for your site? If you want to target a particular a niche, the name of your blog should be related to your site. For example: if you are targeting a health niche and the name of your site is johnsmith.com, people wouldn’t know that your site is about health. Also in terms of SEO, it would easier for google or other search engine to categories your site in particular niche if the your blog name is related to your niche.

Choose a blogging platform

There are several blogging platform that you could choose from. You can create a blog in tumbler, blogger or wordpress. I have you use both blogger and wordpress. For new bloggers it is advisable to use blogger. It is free and much more user friendly. It is easy customize and this would make your blog look awesome. I created my first blog using blogger. Monitizing is easy since google owns both blogger and adsense.

But if you are really serious about blogging I suggest you go with wordpress. Blogs made with this platform looks more professional. Although customization is more difficult with wordpress. You need to pay for webhosting to be able to add more features like widgets compared to blogger where you can add anything you want even if you just have a free account.

It is easy to create a blog with this two blog platform. You just need to b head to their site and sign up.

Choosing a reliable Webhosting

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What is importance of webhosting? To make it simple, you need to store your data from your website in a server offered by a web hosting company. The speed your blog loads up depends on your web hosting. Also your content is at risk if you are not hosting your blog.

Two of the most reliable web hosting company are host gator and bluehost. But if you are just starting an don’t have enough funds to run your blog, I would suggest getting a web hosting plan from pangalan. I spent Php 900 to host my site for 3 months and got a domain name for 12 months.

Click the link above to register with pangalan.

Write Content

This the bread and butter of your blog. It is important to create great content to make people visit your blog more often.

You have to make sure that your content is original. Don’t bother copying any content from other site and posting them as your own. There are ways to determine if your content.is original. You will get penalize if you copy content and it wouldn’t be good for your SEO ranking.

Add keywords in your post. Remember I told you about keyword planner by adwords. Make sure to maximize it. Word of advise though. Make sure the keywords are not spammy. Make sure it sounds natural and make sure that the keywords are related to your content. Visitor would not be happy if they are forwarded to your site but the keyword that they are searching for was plugged in to your post for the sake of just adding the said keyword.

Use photos when creating post. Don’t add just any post. Make sure that they are related and are royalty free. What do I mean about that? One of my.mistake from my previous blog was I using photos from other sites without asking permission from the owner. I didn’t even add credits owner of the photo. So don’t ever ever ever use any photos that is not yours.

There are sites that offer royalty free photos without any payments. Try blog.snappa list of sites that offers royalty free photos.

Drive traffic

This is one the hardest task for new bloggers. People tend to join multiple social media sites to increase their traffic. There is no problem creating multiple social media accounts. But it is advisable to focus only at one or two at time. I would suggest that you focus on pinterest. Compared to facebook, your post could circulate for months. I suggest you try joining pinterest groups boards. Basically group boards allow other pinner to pin on boards as long as they meet certain criteria.

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Do you want to learn more about driving to your website? You might want to try  blogging underground. They will teach you how to build pages and in your get links that will help you rank in your chosen keyword. I know their page looks one big sales page but trust me, a lot has availed of this product and was extremely satisfied with the results.

PS. By availing of blogging underground using the referral link I would get a small commission. So help a brother out. If you do I am truly grateful.That would be awesome and if not, that is just fine. I just wanted to be upfront with everyone.

Monetize your blog

There are so many ways to monetize your blog. The most common means is to put ads on your blog. There certain programs that allow you make money when visitors click on their ads such as google adsense, chitika or infolinks.

There are companies that pays you to write sponsored post. It is harder to join this program since you would need a lot of views to qualify gor their programs.

One of the most popular ways to earn through your blog is affiliate marketing. Basically you get commission when visitors buy the product that you are promoting when they use your affiliate link. Company such as Amazon, click bank and Lazada offers affiliate programs. You should try to Amazon as they have a great affiliate program. All you have to do is direct your visitor to Amazon and they will take care of the rest.

Closing note

Some of topics like driving traffic and monetization needs their own post to explain it better. I will come up with a post each of this topic.

Blogging would not make you rich overnight. It takes time and patience. But before focusing on making money with your blog, you should focus on your content and traffic first. Engage with your visitor so that they will come back for more. Make sure that your content is credible by making a lot of research about the topic that you are writing about.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for dropping by and Screw Monday!