Weekend Conversations: Pinoy henyo, Crush and Abs

Weekend conversation is a journal of funny conversation with my wife and kid. Topic varies from events in school, the latest show that they watch during weekdays or anything under the sun

My kid and I were playing this popular game called Pinoy Henyo. The game was popularized by a famous noontime show here in the Philippines called Eat Bulaga and show has been running since 1979. You would have a word that could be either a place, a person, a thing. The guesser can ask questions that can be answered by only Yes and No.

So back to the story. My daughter is just 7 and this our conversation


Daughter: Is this a Place?

Dad: No

Daughter: Is this a thing?

Dad: No

Daughter: Ahhh. This is a person?

Dad: Yes

Daughter: Is it guy or girl?

Dad: One question at a time

Daughter: Ok (with matching eye roll). Is this a guy?

Dad: Yes

Daughter: Is he a reporter?

Dad: No

Daughter: But he is on TV?

Dad: Yes

Daughter: Does he have abs?

Dad: What?!

Daughter: Does he have abs? (Now she is laughing. clearly trying to annoy me)

Dad: Yes (with a surrender tone)

Daughter: Ahhhh . . . . Ken Chan!!! (This is her crush from the show Meant to be)

Dad: Yes

Daughter: I thought I am not allowed to have crushes?

Dad: I did not say you can (Trying to have a serious face)

Daughter: When can am I allowed to have a crush?

Dad: When you’re 30

Daughter: What?! (Said in a high pitch note)

Dad: Okay Okay 25

Daughter: Mom when am I turning 25?

Mom: 18 years from now

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Her smile turned to a frowned fast and her stare was burning through my soul. Hahahaha. She got distracted with a TV commercial and completed forgotten about it. We are like a cat and a dog every weekend. I try to spend as much time with her and make up for the time that I stay in the office.  I could not believe her questions about abs. I surely did not expect it. The media so much different compared to when I was growing up. Well maybe it is also because back in the days having abs is not the craze. Maybe she finds it interesting the guys have abs while I am sporting a Dad Bod.

I wouldn’t want to make an issue. I am trying to make her comfortable in telling me everything. I am trying to establish the trust and she must understand that I am willing to listen to anything she has to say.

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