What I did wrong after I got more than a thousand website traffic last month

I have been working my ass off trying to increase my page views for months. I have been trying all sort of stuff to increase followers in my social media accounts to drive free website traffic to my blog. After getting one thousand views last month, thing have been slow. Do you want to know what I did wrong after I got one thousand blog views last month? Keep reading

So I wrote a post on how to increase your website traffic without spending money. I have been following all the techniques such as joining Pinterest group boards and Facebook group. I have been active in facebook but haven’t been interacting with Pinterest as much. Don’t get me wrong. Pinterest is awesome and could help you increase your website traffic. I guess I did not have much time this month.

Here is where my blog views at. After getting 1077 website traffic, as of today I just got 445 and there is only a few days left in June.

I am still active in facebook however the main reason why I my website traffic is low this month is content. To be specific I don’t new content.

I have only written only one new post this month. I could say that I have been extremely busy or had a writer’s block but I would be lying. I was just too busy with video games. I know it is a total waste of time but I got hooked.

This is what I should have done.

Focus on the target

I lost tracked of weekly and monthly targets. I was aiming to get at least 250 or more page views a week. But I have been complacent. I have two post that are doing well. First is a post on how to increase website traffic without spending money and the second is 59 legit work at home opportunities. I was contented and have been sharing this all month in facebook.

The problem is that I haven’t been adding them in my Pinterest group boards because I already did that when I first wrote the post.The only time that I add post in a group broard is when they are new.

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So far I just got 142 website traffic from facebook and only 120 from pinterest. That is pretty low compared to views last month.

So I was contented and relied on those two post to increase my website traffic. Although they are getting a lot of views, it is not enough.

So my target is to exceed my views last month. With less than a few days left, I am not sure if I would be able to, not unless I pay for a facebook ad to increase my website traffic.

But I don’t want to pay money for traffic seeing that I was able to get more than a thousand view without spending. It would be a great achievement though if I could reach my goals before the end of the month.

Too much research

Another reason why I haven’t writing that much is because I started research again. There is not wrong with that but I have been consuming all my time in reading post on how to increase website traffic and how to monetize my blog. Again there is no wrong with reasearch but one should actually apply what you learn and write new posts.

Join more pinterest boards

I have joined zero Pinterest group boards. Pinterest is a good way to increase website traffic because the content would be more widely viewed compared to facebook. A post could circulate for months while in facebook it would only be in days.

So join more pinterest group board so that you can share your post to more people. Here is the pinterest group boards that I have joined that help me increase my website traffic.

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Here are the latest Pinterest group that I joined. You might want to check it out.

If you have any suggestion please leave it on the comment section and I’ll check it out and add to post.

I know a lot of people are skeptical and not willing to pay to increase your website traffic. I get it. I am one of those people too. But you have to understand thatthe not everyone has the time to build their following or website traffic.

So I introduce a very effective pinterest tool that will help you increase your pinterest following and get the traffic boost that you want.

Pinpinterest is a great tool to increase your pinterest following and helps you pin your content to multiple boards in autopilot. It has a 7days trial period for you to check out. If you are not satisfy they you have the choice not to push through with your subscription.

This post contains affiliate links which may give me a small commision click here for my disclosure policy

Quick note: I started writing this post last Saturday and started using Pinpinterest the same day and website traffic has increase to 667 views from 445 views. I know it is a small increase but I haven’t been doing a lot of effort. I might hit the 1k website view after all. Will see. I’ll keep you posted.

Join more facebook group

Facebook group is also a great way to grow your blog followers as well as your social media following. Facebook is where I found the Pinterest group boards that are doing well and have a lot of followers and pin.

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If you have any suggestion please leave it on the comment section and I’ll check it out and add to post.

Create new content

Content is king! You have heard it a million times. The reason why creating new content is important is because it makes your followers visit your website again. That means more website traffic.

Also if you don’t have new content, what would you share? You would share the same post over and over again? People will get tired and stop visiting your site.

The quality of content is also important. A post with more words could perform better than a short post. Why? It makes people stay longer in your site and that is good for SEO. Also be mindful of your title. It should be catchy and relevant to the content that you are writing.

Let me know what you think about.

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