What is it really like to live at work?

A few years back, the option to work at home is limited. Now people are embracing the idea of traffic free work since they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to earn a living. Working at home is now becoming common. But have you heard of living at work? Sound absurd right? But some people do exactly. I am one of them. I’ll tell you later. So what is really like to live at work? Here is what I have experienced so far.

You have to fight for your bed

Nowadays sleeping quarters are provided by employers. Although this are limited. So that means, you always have to go to the sleeping quarters early to find a good spot to sleep. There are a lot of bed in the sleeping quarters that I am working in. However I always have a preferred spot where the lighting is good, not a lot of foot traffic and there is a little privacy. I normally find a spot on the corner. But the problem sometimes is that somebody is already on my preferred spot and I have to wait a while before they vacate it.

Never-ending snor fest

I snor a lot and I snor very loudly. My wife hates it when I do that and have to always wake me up at night so that I will sleep on my side. She always gets cranky when in the morning if she doesn’t get a good night sleep. Now I know how that feels. Every night, there is always a person who snors like hell (Pardon my language). But that is true. I am unlucky there will be two. But sometimes the universe tends to mess with you and gives 3 snor warriors. It is like a symphony of destruction. Destruction of my plans to get a good night sleep that is.

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So last night I went to bed a 11 PM. I couldn’t sleep until 3 am. I was already so upset that I wanted to wake him up. But then my mama always say that it is better to mess with someone who has just fallen asleep instead of someone who has just has awaken. Doesn’t make sense right? So I was able to get some zzzz’s by 3 am. But not long after another guy came in and is a worse snorer than the first one. So here I am now, sleep deprived and blogging this early in the morning.

It is a never ending battle for the loo.

I have to wake up hours before the start of my work to take a bath. I want to freshen even before my colleagues see me in my “woke up like this” face. The problem is, there are other people staying in the office who also wakes up early to take a bath early as well. Again there are a lot of place where I could take a bath in the office but I also have a preferred place. Normally I go to place where there is not a lot of people. However people have discovered it as well.

Another problem is that your time is limited. Unlike when you are at home, you could spend unlimited time soul searching. I almost forgot to tell you how cold the water is. Since the office is fully air conditioned (even the loo), it gets crazy cold. I have to jump a few times to get my blood pumping.

You can’t spend that much time in the loo when you are in the office. It is like there is an imaginary timer. When you finish, there would a person gloriously waiting for their turn in their half awake half asleep state.

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You are always on call.

I tried my best to keep current situation it on the down low from my boss. But as we all know, there is no secret that can be kept. So now that they know I am always on call. I receive a text message about a report that they sending. So sometimes I turn off my phone after my work. But then again most of the time, I get up and do the extra work in the name of dedication to work. Hmmmm . . . .

You have to be a ninja in the morning.

Waking up in the morning is like a walk of shame. You look so mess up wearing the same clothes that you are wearing the previous day. And no I don’t wear Pajama in the sleeping quarters. That is just insane! Just imagine wearing PJs in the office. Hmmm . . That is something. How many people could say that they sleep in the office wearing PJs. I bet not a lot of people could say that.

So you become a ninja. You carefully time you action making sure that you don’t see anybody you know. Hahaha.

You fashion sense is mess up.

So in the office, I have to be on business attire from Monday to Thurs and be on Casual attire on Friday. Now since it is not comfortable to be wearing formal shoes, I tend to wear a pair of sneakers with my business attire after working hours. It is a fashion catastrophe. But want can I do? Sometimes I have to walk a bit to buy some essentials.

Closing note

So why am I staying in the office 5 days a week? I just got a place in the province a few weeks back and haven’t found a room to rent yet. Instead of commuting 2 to 3 hours a day and spending money with the fare, I opted to stay in the office. It is free and it is airconditioned and I don’t have to worry about the traffic.

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The thing is when I am stressed in the office, home is my escape from it all. Now that home is 2 or 3 hours away, I have no choice but to find another place to unwind. Nothing beats a good bed, a home cook meal and your loved ones waiting for you to come home. But for now I have to sacrifice and suck it up. It saves me a lot since I don’t pay rent and fare.

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